How to Ensure Your Fake Teeth Last a Lifetime

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Many people across the United States have experienced some form of dental loss. Other times, they have encountered severe dental emergencies. No matter the circumstances, the fact remains that millions of people in the country don’t have all their teeth. Teeth are vital to nutrition and your appearance. Going through life with less than complete set or no teeth at all can be very difficult. It’s no wonder that over 41 million Americans use fake teeth or dentures.

If you are planning on getting fake teeth, you may have as many questions about it as you do about banana spiders.

For starters, why do people need fake teeth? Can you protect them with fake teeth covers? How do you whiten them?

We spoke to the Dentist in columbia for more insight. Learn the answers to all these questions today.

Why Do People Need Fake Teeth?

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Car accidents and old age can make you need fake teeth.

Unlike fake braces for teeth, which are used for costuming and aesthetic purposes, false teeth are functional and necessary. Just like how teeth straightening can change your life, so too can the right fake teeth make your life better.

But why do people need dentures?

Below are the most common reasons someone may require using false teeth.

  • Physical Injury

No matter how rigorously you take care of your dental health, an accident or similar physical trauma can damage your teeth or even remove them entirely. Direct blows to the face from a fall or a collision can crack teeth or make them pop out of your gums. These are called traumatic dental injuries and they include injuries from car crashes or from violent physical sports.

  • Dental Deterioration

Some of your behaviors will inevitably impact your dental health. For example, if you enjoy sugary foods, you may inevitably expect to have a lot more cavities than people who don’t. If you aren’t very careful about how you treat your teeth, they may not stay in your mouth for long. Years of bad habits like forgetting to brush your teeth or excessive smoking can make you lose your teeth, and no amount of tooth veneers can help you. Your only option may be to get fake teeth to replace them.

  • Old Age

Finally, you may begin losing your teeth simply because you are getting old. One of the physical signs of getting older is losing bone density due to calcium loss. This unfortunately includes the calcium deposits in your teeth. This makes them more likely to fall off or develop cavities. Sometimes they may even just fall off without provocation. At this point, you may require fake teeth so you can continue to eat properly.

What are the Types of Fake Teeth?

sets of teeth
Different sets of fake teeth cater to the needs of different people.

Just like how there are different types of tooth veneers on the market, there are also a variety of fake teeth. Your dentist or orthodontist will perform a check up on your teeth and determine which type of dentures you require to function properly again.

The most commonly available types of false teeth include the following:

  • Flexible

One of the largest complaints about fake teeth is that they’re rigid and uncomfortable in the mouth. Flexible fake teeth are made of a supple but durable resin that fit snugly in your mouth without needing clips. They also weigh less and less awkward to wear. However, they do tend to be more expensive, with some partial sets costing thousands of dollars.

  • Full

Some people lose all the teeth in their mouth due to terrible accidents or because they’ve deteriorated completely. In these cases, they may need a full set of fake teeth. These types of false teeth look like the ones you commonly see in cartoons or as gag gifts. They can be very bulky, depending on their materials, and cost more than partial sets because of the level of care needed when molding and fitting them into your mouth.

  • Partial

Sometimes, you may not need a full set of fake teeth because the surrounding teeth are healthy. You may just want to cover up a gap in your smile like a fake tooth cover. Partial sets usually only have a handful of teeth attached to a plate. This plate then latches on to a clip that anchors it into your mouth. A partial set is less expensive than a full set because they don’t use as many materials.

How Can You Take Care of Fake Teeth?

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You need to take care of your fake teeth just like your real ones.

When you get your first set of fake teeth, you could be wondering how you can make them last. This is understandable given that they can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Here are some of the best practices you can follow if you want to prolong its lifespan or whiten your fake teeth.

  • Brush Nightly

You need to brush your fake teeth every night to remove food particles and substances that could discolor the material. Brushing not only helps keep the teeth looking white and clean, it also ensures that you don’t get sick from bacterial build up.

  • Soak Them

Fake teeth can warp when you don’t wear them as your mouth helps keep the resin or whatever material it’s made of from springing out of shape. Keeping your fake teeth exposed to the air can hasten the warping. This may mean you’ll need braces for your fake teeth or need a new set entirely. To prevent your teeth from changing shape when you’re not wearing them, keep them submerged in a cup of clean, room temperature water until you need to use them again.

  • Buy a Case

Your dentures can be very brittle and strong impacts can chip the teeth. If you want to keep your dentures protected when you’re not wearing them, you should buy a case. These plastic containers help you keep your fake teeth safe from impact, pressure and other damaging events.

  • Watch What You Eat

Finally, you really should watch what you eat when you are wearing your fake teeth. Food that’s hot enough to scald your mouth and tongue can be hot enough to warp the plate. Several holiday treats like can stain or gum up your fake teeth. Be careful about what you consume and brush your teeth immediately after eating food heavy in tints and hues.

Fake teeth are some of the most important dental devices you’ll need. Knowing what makes each type different and how to prolong their lifespan is crucial in getting your money’s worth.

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