How Straightened Teeth Changed the Lives of Many

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Having straight teeth is never just about flashing a perfect smile. It has proven to have many benefits, both aesthetically and medically. Orthodontic dentists have changed their ways over time, adapting many advanced and better methods to help patients achieve their most desired smile.

Orthodontics go a long way from dreadfully terrifying dental tools to painful braces. These days, there are a lot more options for teeth-straightening without enduring painful procedures. In terms of diagnosis, methods have also improved and have taken advantage of technological advancements. Orthodontic labs now offer digital orthodontics services. Basically, this method uses digital scans of patients’ teeth and perform virtual treatment planning upon diagnosis.

Many people have benefited from having their teeth straightened. Apart from the obvious effect of an improved physical appearance, here are more life-changing effects teeth-straightening have given to patients:

Increased Confidence and Opportunities

Having a straight set of teeth will naturally bring more self-confidence. With confidence, people are more likely to attract positive attention. Making an appearance for job interviews and other appointments will be less intimidating when people know they’d make a good impression. And because having straight teeth makes one more attractive, it is suggested that having a pleasing appearance is advantageous at work.

Catherine Hakim, a Senior Research Fellow at The Centre for Policy Studies, cited beauty as an “economic premium.” Her research suggested that attractive employees are likely to earn at least 7-13% more than their less attractive co-workers. High self-confidence level is also associated with less anxiety and fear. It inspires motivation and resilience. With these amazing qualities, one will surely live a better life.

Improved Oral Health

People who haven’t gotten their teeth straightened may have issues with their TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint), air passages, and gums. Having problems with these areas can cause a lot of discomfort. With straightened teeth, these issues will be addressed and resolved.

Because gums are designed for straight teeth, having a set of crowded teeth may cause pain. In addition, crooked or crowded teeth may affect one’s chewing ability and the way small food pieces are left in between teeth. This will eventually turn into bacteria that harm the gums, possibly making them infected. With correctly aligned teeth, getting rid of food residue is easier.

Sleep Issues are Fixed

Straight teeth help resolve TMJ and air passage issues. Having a better sleep because of the power of orthodontics is indeed life-changing. Jaw problems such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites affect sleeping. These problems may cause loud snoring, difficulty in breathing, and sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a more serious problem. This sleep disorder is caused by a blockage or “obstruction” in the airway while one sleeps. A misaligned jaw is a cause of this blockage. Thankfully, orthodontic treatments such as braces, Invisalign, and mouth guards eliminate this problem by correctly aligning the jaw.

Sinus Issues are Alleviated

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Having sinus problems can be associated with misaligned teeth. Though the latter isn’t the sole cause of this problem, narrow air passages could force someone to breathe through the mouth. Mouth-breathing may lead to jaw issues like previously mentioned (overbite, underbite, and crossbite). Teeth may also develop in the wrong position with mouth-breathing, and then a chain of problems will occur, including sleep disorders. Although not entirely, having one’s teeth straightened will get this problem lifted.

With everything shared above, people shouldn’t be intimidated with dental practices. Apart from having a perfect smile and a possibly higher salary, having all these health issues resolved with teeth-straightening can improve one’s quality of life. So don’t wait any longer and get a stunning smile with the cosmetic dentist in Chattanooga tn now.

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