Managing Your Health in Old Age: 3 Signs You Can’t Ignore

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How do you keep the balance between being paranoid and acting when your body tells you something’s wrong? You don’t want to cry wolf too many times. When the day comes that you really need assistance, friends and family may not take you seriously.

This balance gets even more difficult to manage when you get older and your body changes as a result. You will experience sensations you may never have felt before. Which ones require expert assistance and when can you settle on painkillers or home remedies? 

Large cities have more pain relief centers like Seattle Pain Relief. The necessary tests can easily be obtained by seeing local experts who can give you quick feedback. But what if you live in a rural area? When do you make the call to travel to see specialists? 

We compiled a list of signs you should preferably not ignore. Acting on these clues have saved many from suffering serious repercussions. 

Sudden Changes Could Signal a Stroke

You know your body, so it’s easy to identify when something changes overnight. Sudden changes can often be warnings that a stroke is imminent. If you experience any of the following — not gradually but all of a sudden — talk to your doctor:

  • One or both eyes don’t want to focus
  • Feeling dizzy out of the blue
  • Not being able to understand someone who is talking to you
  • Suddenly feeling numb on one side of the body

Over time your body tends to deteriorate, but a sudden change often signals a bigger problem. Ask a relative to take you to the emergency room, because it may not be safe to drive yourself.

Do You Feel Hungry or Thirsty Despite a Healthy Menu Plan?

Diabetes has many causes, so you may develop this condition even if you’re eating healthy. If you realize you’re often extremely thirsty or hungry, even while following your normal eating plan, it could mean your insulin levels are too low. That means your body can’t change sugar into the energy your body needs. You’ll also start urinating more often.

As a side effect, you may also experience weight loss, although this will happen over time. 

Be Vigilant for Signs of Cancer

Another condition your sudden weight loss can warn you of is cancer. Cancer in the stomach or pancreas can affect your weight, so if you’re not trying to lose weight but your clothes seem too big all of a sudden, see your doctor. 

It’s also important not to ignore any blood that comes out of your body. If your stool has blood in it can be because of colon cancer or cancer in the bladder. Know that some of these signs could be because of less serious conditions such as kidney infections, but it’s not wise to ignore them. In this case, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

For women after menopause, if you experience excessive bloating and irregular bleeding, it could be a sign that you need your uterus checked. 

Last Words

It’s easy to ignore articles like these and not think of the possible realities of life. But if you have the knowledge you’re empowered to act. So, pass on the knowledge to others so we can all be proactive in managing our health.

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