Management Approaches for Back and Neck Pain in Chiropractic Care

Back Pain

Back and neck pain are now among the leading health issues worldwide. The increase has been attributed to the lack of physical activity among most people and the poor posture people assume when typing on their computers. You will no doubt come across many solutions touting as the best for your back and neck pain’s relief. Some of them, unfortunately, have adverse side effects, need multiple treatment sessions, are expensive and result in long downtime.

The best choice for you is management by a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is based on the assumption that your body will heal itself if given the right tools to do so. As such, management is aimed at helping your body regain balance and efficiently heal the issues causing your neck and back pains.

The following are the standard management approaches that will get rid of your neck and back pain in a chiropractic clinic.

Table Adjustment


This form of management includes a table that has a drop piece. This is a part of the table that drops lower than the rest of the table. After you are properly positioned on this table, the chiropractor will apply a rapid thrust on the area of your neck and back, which is misaligned and causing your pain. With this force, the drop piece of the table lowers. This lowering is designed to dissipate the force of your chiropractic alignment and increase your comfort and efficiency. Table adjustment is very specialized and highly effective for the unlocking of your spine.

Instrument Adjustment

Here, the chiropractor will use an activator instrument with a loaded spring for the adjustment of your spine while you lay on the table face down. The instrument is primarily used to provide a gentle movement, which frees up your spine. It is at times also used on your lower extremities to boost an optimal alignment of your spine.

Flexion-Distraction Technique

This procedure is usually used in people whose neck and back pain is attributed to a disc injury. The treatment takes place on a table, which is specially designed to stretch your spine. This allows the chiropractor to isolate the affected area on your spine and flex it in a gentle pumping rhythm. The manipulation is pain-free and moves your disc away from the nerves, thus reducing pain and inflammation. In most cases, the flexion-distraction technique is used with physiotherapy and takes several sessions to address your pain efficiently.

Pelvic Blocking

This is generally used for managing low back pain. Cushioned wedges are first placed on each side of your pelvis. The chiropractor will then begin gentle and specific movements to encourage the separation of your spinal discs and nerves, thus reducing your pain. The movements of pelvic blocking also facilitate the healing of low back issues.

Unlike other management options, the above chiropractic care approaches are free of any side effects and inexpensive. They also cater to most patients for whom conventional treatments are contraindicated and take a few sessions to alleviate your back and neck pain. Chiropractic care is hence the best bet to a pain-free life for those with back and neck pain.

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