Laser Hair Removal – Overview and Some Important Health Precautions


Laser hair removal treatment has become an inevitable part of cosmetic treatments and therapies. Its impressive effects and easy processes make it a preferred choice of millions of people throughout the world. If you are unfamiliar with its whats and hows, here is something for you!

A brief overview

Laser hair removal is a medical process that involves the excess use of concentrated beams of laser lights on the body parts with unwanted hair growth. Light energy converts into heat, which dissolves the tube-shaped sacs growth within the inner layer of skin. Most commonly, they are referred to as hair follicles which end up ingrown hair. This procedure stops or delays hair follicles’ future growth, giving you flawless skin for a more extended period.

How do you prepare yourself for it?

People in NYC are pretty enthusiastic about enjoying their summer times like a free bird. And that’s what makes most young ladies in NYC undergo laser hair removal treatment. And why not when it comes with so many goodnesses? Plus, NYC has several laser hair treatment providers to choose from.

When considering this type of treatment, ensure that you prefer to schedule your appointment with Arte Cuerpo whose board-certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon in Puerto Vallarta has ample experience in the laser hair removal processes. Besides, here is what to keep in mind.

  1. Evaluate your medical history and discuss it with your dermatologist in detail. This should include everything from the medicines taken to scarring issues you have had in the past if any.
  2. Discuss the risks, expectations, and benefits of the treatment.
  3. Click pictures of the different body parts with excessive hair growth to analyze the after-treatment effects on your body.

Some basic precautions to consider before undergoing the treatment

You see the best results of such cosmetic treatments when you keep up with all the precautionary measures briefed. The hair growth to the skin quality depends on how you preserve yourself. That’s why even the best laser hair removal nyc professionals recommend safeguarding your skin way before you have got the treatment appointment. Here is all you need to do.

  • No more sunbath – Avoid going out in direct sunlight as it may adversely hamper your skin texture and quality. The sun shines a bit brighter in NYC than anywhere else in the world, so you need to be extra-conscious. If it’s essential to step out, cover your body entirely with cotton clothes and use an SPF30 sunscreen lotion.
  • Avoid traditional hair removal techniques – People often use electrolysis, plucking, or razor techniques to eliminate unwanted hair from roots. It may work for you in emergencies, but once you have undergone the laser hair removal process, it’s essential to avoid doing such experiments as it leads to further damage.
  • No more skin lightening products – For a while, do not use any skin lightening product on your skin until discussed with your dermatologist. It can darken your skin, making it worse for you to handle.

The final line

Laser hair removal treatment can act as a revolutionary factor for your skin, but only when you are heading with all the required preparations. Consult a certified dermatologist to reap the maximum benefits of such cosmetic medical treatments.

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