How to Take Care of Your Spine for a Healthy Body Framework

Doctor pointing at spine

Doctor pointing at spine

A person’s activities, movements, habits, as well as dietary intake, impact the body on a daily basis. Many people, however, forget how all these can affect the body. The spine or backbone carries the body framework and is instrumental to the strength, flexibility, support and range of movements that your body possesses. This part, therefore, should be kept at its prime.

Following these tips and taking a spine health supplement as you age can help you maintain a healthy spine and improve your neck and back conditions.

Exercise Stay Active

Your spine is the main structure that supports your whole body, so it is essential that you keep it healthy.  As you age, you will feel pain and restrictions in your movement. Certain exercises will help keep the spine flexible and supple. These include swimming, walking, aerobics and working out in the gym. Avoid habits that can cause damage to your posture, such as crossing your legs and bending your head down while at the computer.

Apply Restrictions on Your Movements

Your daily activities subject the spine to a lot of stress and pressure. It can be the way you pick up something from the ground or how you lift a heavy load. Avoid jerky movements when dealing with heavy items. Never twist your back and lift things smoothly.

When lifting or picking up something from the ground, always remember to bend your hips and knees while you keep your back straight. Never bend over it to avoid applying pressure on your spine and back.

Maintain a Good Posture

Woman with books on her head

Having a good posture can help in the overall spine health. Slouching and poor posture can damage the spine, as it places abnormal stress on the ligaments and muscle of the back. You may experience a backache and fatigue when you constantly slouch, and this may eventually cause the spine to be fixed in an abnormal position.

So, always stand straight with shoulders pulled back. Hold your head up and avoid tilting all the time. If you work long hours in front of your computer, sit comfortably with a straight spine, and keep your neck at level with the screen of your computer.

Stay Hydrated and Eat a Balanced Diet

Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for your overall health. In terms of spine health, being hydrated means that there are sufficient fluids in your joints and soft tissue elasticity is maintained. Opt for healthier food choices that are rich in calcium. A balanced diet including the right amounts and variety of nutrients will also help lessen back problems as you nourish your bones, discs, muscles and other parts of the spine.

The spine is a complicated structure that is integral to helping the human body function optimally. It has many connections and interdependent components. While it is very complex and interesting, there are also different spinal conditions that you should be careful about. Any stiffness or discomfort that you experience beyond the occasional back pain, consult a specialist to diagnose the problem early on.

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