How Do You Decide When It’s Time To Consider Assisted Living Options?

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Let’s face it, families face a tough decision about whether to place their elderly parents into an assisted living facility to be cared for by strangers. Some may feel guilty like they are absolving their responsibility to care for their parents in their time of need.

But there’s a good reason that there are options for caring for the elderly. Care homes play an important role in society; they serve a purpose and are a godsend to the families and elderly who truly need them. So, with this in mind, how do you know when it’s time to consider assisted living options


Over 11 million seniors live alone and it’s a serious issue because isolation can cause a person’s overall health to degrade. This is because, in isolation, there is an apparent lack of both social interaction and self-realization. The former is obvious, but the latter occurs when a person simply stops doing what they love because they are lonely. This, in turn, can lead to more serious problems like depression, addiction, and suicide.

Financial Issues

It’s difficult for an elderly person to keep up with financial demands, especially when the cost of living these days is so high. There are utilities to pay and bills to settle. Add in the fact that seniors are also highly susceptible to scams and they have a real financial problem waiting to happen. Maintaining a home is costly, more so if you’re renting. An assisted living community can usually be found within budget and all financial expenses are handled through one monthly fee.

Worsening Medical Conditions

Another big reason to consider living in an assisted living community is when a medical condition worsens to the point that you or your family member is no longer capable of caring for him or herself. Consider the fact that it’s quite expensive to hire a dedicated caregiver to care for the elderly at their home and that assisted living communities often have better equipment.

Inability For Self-Care

As a person grows older, their ability for self-care decreases because of how the body ages. An elderly person will no longer have the physical and mental health of a younger adult, their bodies become fragile, sometimes to the point that they can no longer care for themselves. This puts them in a difficult position, especially if they live alone. 

Poor Environment

The inability for self-care also means that a person may no longer be able to maintain a home. They won’t be able to clean up after themselves or fix things that need fixing. This lack of home maintenance will eventually create a squalid environment that greatly increases the risk of contracting diseases. Assisted living communities like prioritize cleanliness, which allows them to provide the elderly with a safe and clean environment.

The important thing to think about here is how you’re going to find a safe and secure environment for your loved one. If your family has the resources to spare for an elderly family member to move in, then, by all means, stay together. But if a family is unable to care for a parent in their own home, it can be best to entrust their care to a care-facility who can handle their needs.

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