The Value of Mental Health Awareness

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It was around last month when popular South Korean actress and singer Sulli, 25, committed suicide, apparently due to severe depression brought about by negative comments about her career and personal life. Tributes from her fellow K-pop artists and friends poured in upon learning about the horrible news.

Meanwhile, Goo Hara (Sulli’s friend and fellow K-pop singer) suffered the same fate. Goo had previously attempted taking her own life but failed. She was taken to a hospital and assured her fans that she was on her way to recovery. Just this week, she was found dead in her own home, also due to suicide.

Mental health seems to be a significant issue nowadays. Back then, it was even taboo to talk about it. Nowadays, mental health awareness appears to be more accepted by society. Some people are eager to visit therapists in Westport for CBT and other kinds of mental health treatment.

Are we romanticizing mental illnesses?

Keeping our mental state healthy is just as important as keeping our physical bodies healthy. A healthy mind helps us function and make better decisions in life. Unfortunately, mental health is often misrepresented, especially now that we are living in the digital era.

The words “depressed,” “stressed,” and “anxiety” are often used in captions and comments without understanding what they really mean. Being alone and secluded are somewhat glorified through artistic illustrations and quoted memes.

As a result, being depressed or stressed has somewhat become a norm – a “cool” trend, if you will. People who are genuinely struggling with the state of mental health tend to get brushed off and not taken seriously. In the end, they are left struggling to find answers. When they fail to find answers, that is the time they consider ceasing to exist…for good.

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Coping with mental health issues

On the one hand, social media has paved the way for mental health awareness. Various articles and websites have already given valuable tips for coping with mental illnesses. This has paved the way for a lot of people to seek help when they need it the most.

However, there are still some who do not seem to understand the impact of this sensitive topic. That is why self-care is one of the ways to get by in this seemingly judgmental world. Before asking for help from others, help should start with yourself. Here are some things that you can do to cope with your struggles:

  • Find someone whom you can trust and talk about your problems. It might not be someone who provides advice but someone willing to listen.
  • If you are the introvert type of person, you can express your thoughts through writing and art. These can be an excellent way to de-stress and feel better afterward.
  • Engage in physical activities like running and other sports that you might fancy.
  • Learn to love and take care of yourself. Have a good haircut, get your nails done, read a good book, and have some alone and quiet time.

The truth is that sadness is unattractive. It makes you gloomy and unwelcoming. Whatever you are feeling right now, you have to do something about it. Acknowledge it. It might not be a comfortable journey, but you’ll eventually achieve that peace of mind you always wanted.

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