Helping Seniors Fight Depression

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Many seniors are battling an invisible illness every day in the form of depression. Seniors that live alone can easily become lonely and isolated, especially if their mobility is limited. The simple act of social interaction can go a long way to help seniors to fight off depression.

For many seniors, the depression that they are struggling with comes from dealing with grief. The pain of losing a lifelong partner or spouse can be overwhelming and lead to battling depression. 

In other cases, seniors are dealing with the choice to stay home with the help of an aid provider like Husky Senior Care or retire to a care facility. In all cases, seniors can be dealing with a lot of stresses that can cause depression.

There are many things that family and friends can do to help the seniors in their lives to fight loneliness and depression in their lives.


Nothing is more satisfying than having a purpose and being helpful and giving when you can. There is a great need for volunteers in every community and seniors can help out in a variety of ways. 

The sense of satisfaction and social interaction that comes from volunteering can be very rewarding. Talk to your community program managers, your church and your neighbors about the best kinds of opportunities available for seniors.

Senior Center

Your local senior center is a great place for people to gather that are looking to stay busy. Activities vary from instructional classes, exercises, choir, and games. The senior center is a great place to get involved, stay active and keep social.


The meditative properties of yoga can be very calming and rejuvenating. For seniors that practice regular yoga and meditative breathing enjoy stronger, healthier and more relaxed lives. It can keep them healthier, manage aches and pains, and maybe let them meet other seniors who attend yoga sessions.

Stay At Home

The worst nightmare for many seniors is that they will be forced to leave their homes for a retirement care facility. Most seniors would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible providing that their safety is not at risk. With affordable at-home care now available, many seniors are choosing to stay at home longer where they are happier and more comfortable.


Staying creative, active and engaged is a great way for seniors to fight depression. Finding something that inspires and excites you can help your brain to stay active and healthy and keep you interested in life.

Meal Delivery

Seniors can have a tough time with mobility and this can affect their ability to cook and prepare meals like they once did. When seniors aren’t getting a healthy or consistent diet it can affect their mood and level of depression. A great way to keep seniors eating well and looking forward to a bit of company every day is to sign them up for a meal delivery service.


The mental health of our seniors should be more of a priority. It’s easy to see how spending so much time alone and dealing with health issues can easily cause many seniors to feel depressed. Take a little time to make sure that the seniors in your life are staying active, getting the help that they need and spending time with friends and family.

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