The Future Of The Bionic Body

bionic body

We’ve come a long way in terms of technology but, as we all know, we still have a lot further to go. These advances in technology have not only led to major developments in entertainment, but also in health – and they have even saved lives.

One of the most significant and beneficial advances is the introduction of the bionic body. We have improved our technology to the point now that we can create artificial body parts in labs for those who need them, giving people the ability to function completely.

Bionic body parts currently come in the simple form of limbs or organs, but are set to soon include:

  • Battery-powered hearts, able to provide pulses and effective blood flow to artificial ventricles.

  • I-Limbs: prosthetic limbs able to shape around and grip objects by reading muscle signals from the person’s existing body.

  • Extra senses: upgraded senses that allow us to detect signals such as radio waves, beneficial to those who may have lost one of their senses and therefore wish to enhance others.

Want to know more about the future of the bionic body and how it can change lives? Then check out RS Components’ interactive infographic – a simple tool designed to assist you in learning about this incredible topic.

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