Food Supplements That Can Promote Good Teeth & Bones Health

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It is inevitable that as age sets in, we begin to lose minerals from our bones causing them to become thin and brittle. Weak bones can cause rickets and in extreme cases osteoporosis. Calcium and vitamin D are the major requirements for healthy bone structures. Almost all the bones start losing minerals with the passing time including your teeth.

So along with your daily teeth whitening toothpaste, the incorporation of a healthy diet promote healthy and strong teeth as elaborated. Below are some supplements to consider for healthy teeth and bones:

Vitamin D Foods

Vitamin D is very important in the absorption of calcium in the body. Also known as the sun’s vitamin, because the sun is the best source, Vitamin D helps to improve bone strength significantly reducing the chances of easy breakage or weakness. Fatty fish like salmons have also proven an excellent source of vitamin D and should, therefore, be considered healthy bone builders. For very low levels, however, doctors may prescribe a daily dose of Vitamin pills to boost the body’s ability to absorb calcium. It is best to avoid high levels of Vitamin A and supplements that contain retinol including fish liver oil.

Bony Fish

Fish with small chewable bones are an essential source of calcium. Previously, the liver was the most prescribed food for people with low calcium levels. However, bony fish like sardines and canned salmon have proven way better sources. While patients were advised to consume liver at least once a week, there is no limit to the amount of fish one can consume. It is, therefore, an advantage to fish lovers. They also provide a boost of Omega-3 which helps with Vitamin Intake. People repelled by fish or allergic should not fret however as various other supplements are known to boost calcium levels as significantly as bony fish. This can improve your dental health. If you require dental care, consider scaling services by a dentist in Chesapeake.

Milk and Milk Products

Milk products are by far the richest and most calcium sources of calcium. Milk products are by far stronger calcium sources than whole milk. However, caffeine has been known to reduce calcium absorption making tea a weaker version of milk products than whole milk. Cheese, ghee and yogurt are the primary milk products. Hard cheese is superior to soft cheese in calcium. Milk alternatives like almonds, cashews and soy have high vitamin contents. While most people consider spinach a high calcium source, it is known to contain oxalic acid which causes calcium leaching from the body.


They are a known excellent source of magnesium and calcium which are basic bone health boosters. Lack of protein is a major cause of bone weakness. It is also important to point out that most adults do not take in nearly enough legumes as protein sources. Meat and protein foods in excess have however been known to induce substances that reduce calcium absorption.

Omega-3 Foods

While the effects of taking fish oil in bone health are not well defined, it has become clear that fish oil plays a huge role in reducing markers of bone breakdown preventing bone disease. It also has a high association with increase in bone density.

Maintaining a healthy bone structure requires a good diet. As the pillars on which we stand, bones are an important part of the human make-up and should be well maintained. It is best to avoid foods that will leach nutrients from your bones as they make you weak. However, most foods in the right quantities will help boost bone health.

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