Fix that failed bridge with dental implants in Barnsley

Woman having a dental treatment

Woman having a dental treatment

The trouble with bridges is that they break and when they break, people get left with an unsightly gap in their teeth and it can make it hard to eat and speak clearly. When a bridge fails, it’s often people’s first thought to get the damn thing fixed or get a new one, but there is another way to solve the problem, once and for all, and that is with dental implants in Barnsley.

Dental implants in Barnsley are incredibly versatile and something they do very well is replace failed bridges. The trick is to find a dental implant surgeon with plenty of experience, just in case there are issues, such as the surgeon at PDC Dental Implants.

How do dental implants work?

Instead of using healthy adjacent teeth for support as buttresses, like bridges do, dental implants are replacement tooth roots. They are embedded into the jawbone in specially created channels. The implants are made of titanium, which is a metal that the body sees as part of itself. Put a titanium implant into the jawbone and it takes 2-6 months for the jaw to grow new tissue all over the surface of the implant, thereby anchoring it firmly in place, and giving the patient back 100% of their chewing power.

The other great thing about dental implants is that one implant can support up to 3 crowns on a metal bridge. They also last for at least 15 years, more like decades or even a lifetime if they are well looked after. This means that in the long run, dental implants used instead of fixed bridgework can work out as the same cost, or even cheaper. The crowns, which are made of porcelain, can wear out and will probably need replacing at some point.

A note about the jawbone

When there is no tooth root in the jawbone, the cells no longer receive the vibrations they need to know to renew themselves. This means that the area around the tooth root can shrink away. People who have had a bridge for some years may need a bone graft before having dental implants in Barnsley.

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