Explore Instagram Marketing Tips for Doctors to Reach More Patients and Top Doctor Accounts on Instagram


If doctors are not leveraging the versatility and power of Instagram to promote their practice, then they seem to be deprived of reaching a chunk of the Instagram audience and numerous prospective patients. As per statistics, over 1 billion people across the globe use this amazing visual social media platform every month. We know that Instagram boasts over 500 million DAUs. Over 50 percent of the Instagrammers are in the age group between 18 years and 34 years thus, making Instagram highly relevant for medical practitioners who are aspiring to reach Gen Z and Millennial patients.

Remember doctors must be on Instagram as their patients and potential patients are very much present on this vibrant and thriving platform. Here are some effective Instagram marketing tips to boost your followers and fans.

Important Instagram Marketing Tips for Doctors

Showcase Some Successful Cases & Complicated Procedures

You may consider creating a ‘look book’ displaying various procedures by incorporating before and after pictures. You need to realize that patients wish to see this sort of interesting content on Instagram. You must utilize your Instagram feed to the fullest by posting pictures of intricate procedures and successful surgeries. In the event, you are a cosmetic surgeon, it is a good idea to blur out anything that could be marked as sensitive content for making your posts user-friendly. Alternatively, you could post a disclaimer graphic just before showcasing the particular case.

Utilize Judiciously Grid Planning Apps.

Medical practices could boost their following on Instagram by meticulous planning of the Instagram grid of pictures well in advance, maybe a couple of weeks before posting anything. This should go a long way in establishing an impressive brand aesthetic as that is of crucial importance to patients and potential followers. Generally, if somebody is wondering whether to follow your practice or not, he would, first of all, look at your last 9 pictures. In case, they appear unbranded and disjointed, your potential followers would be disappointed. In this context, many doctors buy Instagram followers and likes to boost their brand awareness online.

Consider Leveraging Influencers

You may focus on leveraging Instagram influencers for promoting new procedures. You could reach out to top healthcare influencers or medical bloggers in your city or town. Even if some of them are not interested in the specific clinical therapy you are offering, they may have knowledge of some fellow bloggers who would be interested. You could consider inviting them over to observe a new procedure and ask them to post appropriate photos and even opt for live streaming their experience.

Use Posts Providing Vital Information

You may use posts for presenting new offerings and work hours. Your posts may contain special announcements like the introduction of new services, a new partner, etc.  Keep your patients updated with relevant information. You may consider educating your potential patients; however, you must remember not to flout HIPAA. Your patients could simply take notice but they must visit your office if they wish to get a proper evaluation and diagnosis.

Some Phenomenally Popular Doctor Instagram Accounts

As per https://www.entrepreneur.com, Instagram is recognized predominantly as an effective marketing platform in certain situations. However, Instagram has been highly acclaimed over the years because it has acted as an amazing source of inspiration. Let us explore top doctor accounts on Instagram for drawing inspiration.


Doctor Mike (@doctor.mike)

Mike Varshavski, DO is referred to as Doctor Mike and seems to be a star and sensation on Instagram. He is a board-certified fully qualified family medicine doctor based in New York City and boasts of having over 3.1 million Instagram followers. Doctor Mike utilizes this visual social media platform to attract prospective patients and provide them with the opportunity to interact and connect with him very much on a more personal than professional level. He posts pictures and one-minute long videos to impress prospective patients. He has been adjudged the ‘sexiest doctor alive’. He has been regarded as ‘the hot doctor’ by the New York Post. He not only posts pictures from the hospital, but he also shares numerous pictures from his personal life.

Dr. Lara Devgan (@laradevganmd)

Dr. Lara Devgan, MD. A renowned plastic surgeon is based in New York and is a visiting physician in multiple New York hospitals. Moreover, she is the proud owner of a premium skincare line and also, holds the position of Chief Medical Officer or CMO at RealSelf which is predominantly, a well-known review and directory site for aesthetic and cosmetic medicine. Lara Devgan boasts of having over 183,000 followers. Lara Devgan has been successful in establishing herself as an authority in her field. She posts media articles mentioning her and some intriguing before-and-after pictures of treatments performed by her.

Andrea Tooley @dr.andreatooley

Andrea Tooley, MD uses Instagram to share glimpses of her life as a reputed ‘ophthalmic plastic & reconstructive surgery fellow’ based in New York. She has over 45,800 Instagram followers. She enjoys using this vibrant social media platform for showcasing her passion for and dedication to both medicine and research.


Instagram surely is a fantastic social media platform for building your medical practice and boosting doctor-patient interaction. Medical practitioners could boost their careers by following effective Instagram marketing tips discussed above. Moreover, new doctors must draw inspiration from all reputed Instagram doctor accounts.

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