What You Need To Know About Pfas, PFOA And Water Contamination Lawsuits?

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A new report on the chemicals PFOA and PFOS reported by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) revealed that two dozen states were not fulfilling their duty to monitor water contamination, which is harming nearly 2 million people. The report points out only a partial picture of the state of water contamination in America.There are currently two lawsuits that are taking place about PFAS. One of them is a class action lawsuit, and the other is a multi-state lawsuit. If you or your family members were exposed to these chemicals, it is important for you to find out what legal rights you have and file a pfas water contamination lawsuit.

Pfas, PFOA And Water Contamination

These are chemicals that made headlines in 2016 for their association with toxic effects and environmental contamination. Hormone disruptors and carcinogens, they can cause very serious illnesses like cancer, thyroid disease, and hemolytic anemia. A local water contamination lawsuit involved a Pfas factory that contaminated over 21,000 acres of surrounding ground water. The EPA has classified Pfas as a “likely cause” of cancer; this has been used in many different cases, including PFOA contamination cases.

Extensive litigation in various industries can provide safe and fair settlements for both victims and manufacturing companies.

Why Lawsuits Could Be Important?

Most people know that groundwater can be contaminated by two chemicals called PFASs-per-fluoroalkyl acrylonitrile, fluorobenzene, and perfluorooctanoic acid. Unfortunately, these are cheap and widely used industries not only in the United States but worldwide. But few people know that these chemicals in combination with the drinking water supply is linked to a chemical known as PFOA or per-fluorooctanoic acetate. 

It can lead to cancers and other health problems for those that have been exposed over a lifetime of living near pollution sites.If you have been harmed by these chemicals, speak with a water contamination lawsuit attorney who can tailor your case to your individual needs!

When Can You Submit A Claim?

For survivors of including Pfas and PFOA, there is hope for a time when the companies responsible will be held accountable. Right now, this remains to be seen and depends on settling the lawsuit in the victims’ favor. There are many different ways you can contribute to the lawsuit. For example, submit your testimony which could help provide evidence of product contamination. Stakeholders also play a key role by donating or helping raise money to contribute to the legal costs of pursuing justice for those impacted by these chemicals.


Pfas are a chemical found in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and firefighting foam that is causative of from birth defects and cancer. Lawyers have found a way to make these Pfas cases work for their means. By utilizing the latest developments in toxic chemical litigation, they can now estimate the dangers of long-term exposure from pre-existing levels in drinking water so that property owners do not need to go through costly tests or expensive cleanups.

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