What to Expect From a Cosmetic Dentist


This video is about a cosmetic dentist who believes that people should be able to get shiny, straight teeth without hurting their regular teeth. The physician explains what cosmetic dentistry is and why it’s important. He also talks about all the cool things dentists can do, like using Invisalign to fix smiles. They also whiten teeth to make them sparkle.

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In some cases, they put on special fake teeth called implants. The doctor wants everyone to feel happy and relaxed going to the dentist. Another thing he wants people to stop thinking everyone in the UK has bad teeth. That’s not true. Dentists in the UK are good and want to help people smile big. He’s part of a group called the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The organization is about being ethical and doing good stuff for your teeth.

Here’s what you might see when you visit the practitioner. The smile chat: The dentist wants to know what you want to change about your smile. Maybe your teeth are a bit yellow, or you have a small chip. And perhaps you wish your teeth were straighter. No worries, they’re here to help. They may take pictures of your teeth. Doing so helps them see what needs fixing and how to make your smile extra awesome.

Cosmetic dentists have effective tricks. They can use invisible braces to make them super straight. Sometimes, cosmetic dentists work with your regular dentist. That’s because they want to ensure your teeth are healthy and beautiful. They’re like one big smile team. The best part is they won’t do anything you don’t want.


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