Understanding Dental Emergencies – When Do You Need Help Right Now


You may be taking the best care of your teeth and being regular with your scheduled appointments but emergencies can still happen out of the blue. The problem often gets bigger if it surfaces on a holiday, during a weekend, or right in the middle of the night. It could be so severe that you cannot wait for the normal clinic hours and need an emergency dentist in Elgin right away. But before you rush to the clinic, you need to be sure that the situation is really as serious as you think. Here are some conditions that require treatment sooner rather than later.

Cracked tooth

A cracked tooth is a common dental issue but it can be serious if accompanied by severe pain and underlying fraction. It may happen due to a fall, accident, or even as you bite something hard like nuts or ice. Regardless of the reason, you will require immediate treatment from a qualified dentist. You can seek temporary relief by using an ice pack over the area and taking some pain medications but drive to a clinic as soon as you can.


Accidents often result in trauma, which is another major dental emergency as it can lead to tooth loss and bleeding. However, it is possible to salvage the dislodged tooth if you act quickly. Rinse it off with water and tuck it inside your cheek so that the tooth and root stay moisturized till you reach your dentist. The professional will provide you a thorough assessment and treat the pain and stop the bleeding. Further, they will save the lost tooth if possible.

Severe toothache

Another dental emergency that people tend to overlook is an extreme toothache. You may want to resolve it with painkillers but there could be a serious underlying issue. The best thing to do is to visit a dentist near you right away rather than wait for the problem to aggravate. Problems such as pulpal and gum abscess require immediate treatment and you may even need extraction and surgery to get rid of the abscess.

Crown coming off

If you have a temporary dental crown, you will require dental treatment immediately. You may be lucky enough not to lose the dislodged part and can put it back using a tiny amount of Vaseline. But this is just a temporary fix that you can use while traveling to the clinic. The dentist will probably recommend a replacement if it’s not possible to put the crown back again.

Lost fillings

While it is common to lose dental fillings, the problem can be serious if accompanied by pain and inflammation. The affected area gets inflamed if the exposed tooth tissue gets infected by bacteria. This requires immediate attention as the dentist will have to remove the decay to clear the infection. Following this, they would give you a brand new filling and send you home. If you need a good recommendation, you can always book an appointment to get fillings done by the dentist in Charlotte.

Dental issues require timely attention because things can get worse if you fail to address them quickly. With emergencies like these, you should seek immediate help for lasting relief and permanent solutions.

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