What Preparations You Should Take Before Undergoing Liposuction


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to remove stubborn fat pockets in the regions that are otherwise resistant to traditional fat-burning techniques like diet and exercise. However, you should know that the process is no cakewalk, and you should prepare for the same beforehand. So, what preparations do you need to take to undergo a seamless liposuction procedure? Scroll on!

Before conducting liposuction, the cosmetic surgeon will first assess your skin quality to determine your candidacy for the procedure. Sometimes, you may also need a body lift along with liposuction to enhance the effect, hence the need for such examinations. Apart from this, certain other requirements precede the liposuction treatment, as explained in the following sections.

Protect your skin against the UV rays of the sun

Protecting the skin against sun exposure is one of the primary requisites of liposuction surgery. Too much exposure to the UV rays of the sun can make the skin soft and saggy, thus rendering it unfit for the treatment. This is because high skin laxity may degrade the appearance of the treated area post-surgery.

You should apply sunscreen whenever you go out, especially in areas where the treatment is going to be performed. Talk to your cosmetic surgery consultant regarding other protective measures you can take.

Be truthful to the consultant about your health

During the consulting session, which is held much before undergoing the treatment, you may be asked several questions about your health status and medical history to assess your candidacy. It can be dangerous to hide any information from your liposuction consultant because of the fear of rejection. An experienced consultant can protect you against health complications, in case you have any, so be honest with him/her.

You should also provide the consultant with the necessary medical documents to help him/her understand your health status better. These apart, don’t forget to mention in clear, concise terms what you expect to achieve from the surgery. Maintaining transparency can help you get the maximum benefits from the procedure without jeopardizing your health.

Get your facts about liposuction right

Many rumors float in the market regarding the treatment, its benefits, and adverse consequences. Before you get it done, you should have a clear conception regarding liposuction to put your faith in the procedure. Ask as many questions as you want to your consultant and clarify all your doubts. You should also read about the process from reliable sources to understand what’s true and what isn’t.

Get rid of the temptation to lose weight before the surgery

Once the date is fixed for the surgery, you may feel tempted to shed those extra pounds to improve the results of the treatment, but you shouldn’t do it. Stay away from crash diets, rigorous exercise, or other extreme measures to shed off extra pounds, as it may result in malnutrition and other health complications. Follow the advice of your consultant word by word and never do anything on your own.

Reduce stress and follow a healthy diet before the surgery

You can refer to your nutritionist or ask your cosmetic surgery consultant for some reference to help chalk out a diet plan for you before undergoing liposuction surgery. You may be asked to increase the amount of lean protein in your diet, besides following a regular but mild work out regime to keep your skin more supple and elastic to gain the best results.

If you feel anxious regarding the procedure, you can consider talking to a mental health specialist to reduce stress and anxiety. You should also ask your consultant about the recovery process and when you can resume daily activities to reduce stress, which mostly arises from the lack of knowledge.

Stop taking certain medications before surgery

You don’t have to make any decision on your own. Your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with the necessary advice on what medications you need to avoid for a period before the surgery. Even some vitamin and herbal supplements may increase the risks of health complications, so it’s best to avoid taking them for some time. Your surgeon will tell you when you’re fit to start taking them again after the treatment.

Wrapping it up

To sum up, you should remember certain things to achieve the best results through liposuction treatment. Don’t lose much weight and try to maintain a stable diet full of lean proteins, which will help you heal post-surgery. Quit smoking from a month before undergoing the surgery to another month after it to prevent health complications.

Be transparent with your cosmetic surgery consultant about your medical status and help them chalk out a perfect plan for you. If you hide anything, you may risk your entire health besides reducing the efficiency of the process, so don’t.

If you’re planning to opt for the treatment soon, get a free consultation from an expert and learn if you’re eligible for it.

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