Top 8 Most Common Dental Problems That Need Medical Attention


Learn the mantra – Oral Hygiene = Overall Health

It’s a fact that nobody wants to sit on that dentist’s chair frequently, but when you have any dental issues make sure not to take it casually. Your oral health will help you in maintaining good overall health. From gum issues, receding gums, and cavities, your dentist will identify the problem but what’s going on inside your mouth gives a sign regarding your dental health. Hence, it’s important to visit your dentist when you face any issue, even a minor one because neglecting it may lead to bigger problems. There are many issues that look very common but can cause pain and discomfort. Let’s view the list:

1. Sensitive Teeth

The most common dental problem is sensitivity. If you get this problem that means there is something wrong and you need medical attention. The teeth sensitivity occurs when the outer layer of your enamel is eaten away by decay or is worn leading to many issues. You will feel tremendous pain when any cold or hot beverage will pass through the tubes that are linked with nerves. In not so severe cases, a toothpaste for sensitivity can easily treat it but when the case is serious then the dentist needs to do a crown, root canal, fluoride treatment, or gum graft.

2. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay occurs when a sticky film developed by bacteria known as plaque starts damaging your enamel. The already developed bacteria generate acid that eats away the enamel leading to various issues such as toothache, cavities, and others. To avoid tooth decay you need to stop eating food that contains acid content as well as reduce drinking sugary sodas. If you wish to maintain dental health, then brush your teeth twice and see your dentist frequently. If you don’t know where to start, you can consider booking an appointment to treat your tooth decay by oral surgeon Boynton beach.

3. Diabetes, Gum Disease, and Related Health Problems

There are not only oral health that can cause gum disease but several other health issues that can lead to dental problems. Diabetes is one health issue that damages the gums in case your blood sugar is high. The most surprising fact is that good oral health can lower down blood sugar. Not only this but from periodontitis, the bacterias can reach your heat and may cause heart issues. This one is the most unexpected one, gum infection can lead to kidney problems, thus there is only one thing to remember, that healthy oral health will ultimately give you healthy overall health.

4. Gum Disease

A professional cleaning will cure gingivitis that is a gum disease but not very severe. You can even prevent it from coming back by flossing and brushing daily. And if you avoid it then it can lead to periodontitis that can be more infectious. The bone and tissues that hold the teeth in place can get damaged by periodontitis. Hence it’s important to take care of your gums to avoid such painful experiences.

5. Receding Gums

For receding gums, there are plenty of reasons but each of them requires proper attention. Some of the reasons are, women’s hormones, poor oral hygiene, high blood pressure, brushing too hard, and even hereditary. You need to remember one thing that untreated receded gums can uncover the delicate roots that may lead to loss of the tooth. Depending on the cause your dentist will suggest the treatment and proceed further accordingly. There are various treatments that help in treating the receding gum such as complete teeth cleaning, brush correctly, or in cases that are severe even gum surgery or grafting.

6. Wisdom Teeth Problems

If your dentist conveys a message that your wisdom teeth are coming problem-free then it’s a thing to celebrate. Because in most of the cases one out of two at least gets affected and not able to completely grow in. It has been noticed that wisdom teeth normally start growing between the age of 17-25. Thus, your dentist needs to keep a track of it and if it creates a problem then it’s better to do Wisdom teeth extractions. It does not hurt as your dentist will make your gums senseless then will start the process. Make sure you take all the guidelines after the extraction.

7. Dry Mouth and Throat

Older people are more likely to get affected by dry mouth issues. Nonetheless, this dry mouth and throat condition is not related to the age factor. There are many reasons why you feel this – salivary gland diseases, nerve damage, cancer treatment, diabetes, or HIV/AIDS. With the help of medications, your dentist will be able to treat your issue. What you can do is avoid the intake of alcohol, try to drink plenty of water, skip drinking caffeine a few times and chew gum that is sugarless. Rest, let your dentist examine you and give you some medicines for treating it.

8. Bad Breath

Most people avoid social gatherings, talking to people close, and even sitting with others because of the bad breath. But you should never avoid being social, just visit your dentist and he/she will guide you on what to do to treat it. There are many reasons why you are facing this such as infection, bad oral hygiene, acid reflux, and dry mouth. These problems develop a chemical in your body that leads to bad breath. The treatment of this problem will totally depend on the cause of it. Leave it to your dentist and he/she will help you out with it.

Final Words

It’s very normal with everyone that we take oral and dental health not so seriously but this can create big issues in the future. Hence, make sure to visit your dentist and take medical consultation, even if you feel a little bit of uneasiness in your teeth. There are plenty of medical conditions that may cause other health problems that are connected to bad oral and dental health. Make sure you follow basic rules of keeping your dental health extremely good, they brush your teeth twice a day, do flossing and avoid sugar-related soda drinks. You will be happy to smile.

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