Top 5 Superfoods To Have During Winter


Wintertime is a season a lot of people look forward to. The cooler temperatures provide respite from the warmer months of the year. The cold climate can also bring about seasonal allergies and illnesses like the flu.

To help keep yourself healthy during winter, here are 5 of the best superfoods you can keep handy:

1. Acai Extract

If you’re looking for food that is rich in antioxidants, search no further: the acai berry is probably the best fruit you can stock up in the kitchen. It is loaded with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated essential fats, making it an automatic crowd favourite for creating dishes that are nutritionally balanced and delicious. Organic acai powder (which is also available in the market today) is known for its high levels of dietary fibre, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. There many ways you can incorporate acai berry into your diet. Try making a berry acai bowl, drinking black tea steeped with acai berries or make a unique treat made of matcha green tea pancakes filled with acai berries!

2. Astragalus Root Extract

The astragalus root is part of the astragalus plant, a quite unknown herb. The root is usually cultivated during the cooler months of spring or fall. It is then laid to dry in the sun before it is sliced, ready for distribution. This dried root is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is sold in capsule form or as an extract. It is said that the astragalus root supports the immune system as well as cardiovascular health.

3. Reishi Mushroom Oil

The reishi mushroom is a fungus mainly found in the tropical islands of Asia, where the hot and humid weather supports its growth. The reishi mushroom oil is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is said to also slow down the aging process and help clear one’s mind. Aside from these impressive claims, the reishi mushroom oil also improves the immune system, helps you power through the day, and also combats depression.

4. Curcumin Extract Powder

If you are into exotic dishes and flavours, the curcumin extra powder will be the perfect spice to add to your dishes. It has a yellow tinge that will remind you of turmeric, another spice used in curry. This extract has anti-inflammatory properties and also acts as an antioxidant. Because it is a spice, adding the powder in various dishes, teas, smoothies, and tonics will add some needed pizzaz to your wintry diet.

5. Australian Lemon Myrtle Tea

If the thought of curling up with a warm cuppa on a cold winter’s night excites you, try using Australian lemon myrtle tea. Aside from giving you an overall relaxed feeling, this tea is loaded with a potent antioxidant called catechin.

Only Buy the Best

Trying to diversify your diet during the colder months of winter won’t be so hard anymore when you have these 5 superfoods in your pantry. Aside from being nutritionally balanced, it adds a unique flavour profile to your current roster of dishes and drinks. Make sure to only buy premium grade and organic superfoods from reputable health stores such as Superfoods Australia where you are guaranteed only the best.

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