Tips for Choosing the Best Insulin Pump


There are dozens of insulin pumps on the market. When it’s time to buy a new one, how will you know which one to select? These tips can help you choose the best insulin pump to manage your health condition.

What Is an Insulin Pump?

Your pancreas makes insulin. This hormone helps your body convert sugar into energy and balanced glucose levels. Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes can develop when your body doesn’t make enough insulin or use it properly.

An insulin pump is a device that delivers small doses of insulin to the body throughout the day. This computerized device works like the pancreas. It regulates the amount of insulin that your body receives.

Here’s how it works. Insulin pumps include a thin cannula (tube) and a catheter. The cannula is inserted under the skin. A catheter connects the cannula to a mechanical device that pumps insulin.

Since it’s so small, you can attach an insulin pump to an armband, belt or bra. Insulin pump options include disposable and custom-made models. When it comes to insulin pumps, your options are limitless.

Tips for Choosing the Best Insulin Pump

There are several factors to consider when shopping for the best insulin pump. These include:

  • Features
  • Insurance Coverage/Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Reporting Abilities
  • System Support

Features – Insulin pumps can include small basal insulin increments, alternate basal pattern programming, blood glucose meters, an insulin dose calculator, active insulin calculation, and variable insulin sensitivity factors. It’s important to work with your health professional to determine the features that can benefit you.

Insurance coverage and pricing – Insulin pumps can cost up to $6,000. This doesn’t include the annual costs for batteries, sensors, and supplies. Costs are based on the pump’s size, brand, software, and features. With insurance, you can expect to pay a fraction of these costs.

Ease of use – Operating an insulin pump requires you to have a working knowledge of each feature. It’s a good idea to select a model that is user-friendly and easy to learn.

Reporting abilities – Some insulin pumps can generate reports that you can share. Others have apps and software that can store your health information. Explore pumps that have reporting abilities if you want to share your insulin reports with your health professional.

System support – When you have problems with your device, you will require immediate assistance. Choose an insulin pump that offers 24/7 help by telephone or online. The best manufacturers provide technical support specialists who can answer your questions and provide immediate guidance.

Child-friendly – Depending on their age, some children may be great candidates for insulin pumps. Staying active is important for many children. Choose a pump that gives them the freedom to participate in sports and school activities.

An insulin pump can help protect your health and well-being. Implementing these tips for choosing an insulin pump can help you lead an active lifestyle and help control diabetes.

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