There’s No Place Like Home: Returning After A Hospital Stay


There’s no doubt that if you have access to good healthcare; you’ll be grateful for it. Health is a huge concern for many, so it’s always worth getting regular check-ups and taking the right treatment or course of action when issues arise. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, you, a loved one, or a friend, may have found themselves in the hospital. Whether it’s due to an accident, ongoing treatment for a health condition, or an operation; hospital stays can often be quite stressful, and even traumatic.

Whatever the reason for staying in the hospital, many cannot wait to get back home and carry on with life. However, very often, especially after longer stays in the hospital, it can be a challenging adjustment once the ex-patient arrives through their front doors. And, they probably won’t be up to resuming normal life again for a while, as they fully recover. The following are some tips and ideas for those dealing with a return from a hospital stay, either themselves or someone they care for.


The focus here will be on recovery. Although someone will have had a little time post-surgery to recover in the hospital; it’s more than likely they’ll be sent home well before they’re fully recovered. It’s important to make sure that they have all the medication and equipment they may need after their operation. It could mean stocking up on painkillers, creams, colostomy bags, and cannulas; it depends on the type of surgery they’ve undergone, and the reasons. Rest, hydration, and nourishment are what the body will need to fully heal; therefore, taking any added stress away will be really valuable.

Ongoing Treatment

Perhaps your loved one is used to heading in and out of the hospital. They may have a condition that requires regular hospital treatment and stays. Even though it’ll be familiar territory to them, adjusting to life back home again may be draining. Their treatment may also be quite grueling on their body. Therefore, it’s worth ensuring that the house is warm, clean, and comfortable, and perhaps stock the freezer with some home-cooked meals. Cozy pajamas and company might be just what they need to regain strength and get back to normal again, each time

An Emergency

If someone you care for has been in an accident, or something happened that made their health deteriorate quickly; they’ll have ended up in the emergency room. The length of stay will depend on how severer the emergency was; however, the whole thing would have been extremely upsetting and traumatizing. Therefore, the focus should be on gentle care, when they get home. Whether they’re able to do things or not; it’s worth helping out with all the things mentioned previously so that the house is fresh and well-stocked.

They may not want to be alone, or be quite nervous and anxious; being close will make a huge difference. Offer them the chance to talk to you whenever they feel you and assist them with finding further support should they need it. The effort of getting support post-hospital can be off-putting, so they’ll appreciate the help.

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