The Beneficial Effects Of Nature On Sleep Quality


Exposure to nature and natural light has incredible effects on both the body and the mind. Spending adequate time outside will prime your body for a suitably early bedtime according to research. Unfortunately, modern environments are void of natural elements, and the lack thereof has a negative influence on our circadian rhythms. Current living specifics host artificial light, ample tech devices, and generic concrete box-like conditions that can be subconsciously suffocating.

While it may not be a plausible solution to completely alter your living environment to accommodate the innate human need for nature, you can add a few elements to your home and yard area to amplify your sleep quality. Outdoor water fountains are just one of many ways that you can add nature to your home. If you are somewhat undecided as to whether or not the effort of bringing nature in will benefit your sleep quality, the following benefits will likely sway your mind.

Resetting Your Sleep Cycle

Spending enough time outdoors offers the benefit of effectively resetting your sleep cycle. This impact is the direct result of exposure to natural light. As melatonin is produced in larger doses during the evenings, artificial light can hinder the production of this vital sleep chemical. Therefore, spending early evenings outdoors enjoying the calming elements of your outdoor space on a routine basis is enough to correct the production of melatonin.

Inducing Calm And Relaxation

Nature has an uncanny way of helping us relax without having to invest any effort at all. While the science behind this incredible benefit confirms that we should all spend some time outdoors each day, spending at least an hour outside per day is recommended. The benefits of calm and relaxation will impact your sleep quality as common complaints such as chronic stress, anxiety, and even depression are significantly reduced through calming effects.

Improved General Health

Being in nature will do so much more than help you relax. According to research studies, enough time in the great outdoors will reduce blood pressure, heart rate, decrease muscle tension, and even mend the production of stress hormones such as cortisone. There’s no doubt that an improvement in general health will influence your sleep quality positively, especially when taking into account that health conditions often negatively impact sleep habits.

Enhanced Brain Functions

Even though you may not initially assume that your memory or ability to focus has an actual impact on how you sleep, your brain functions are primarily responsible for how well you sleep. Science confirms that spending time in nature will have advantages that increase brain functions. Just a few improvements include enhanced short-term memory, a positively escalated mood, and significantly notable increases in the ability to focus. These benefits will all influence your sleep quality.

If you are hoping to take advantage of what nature has to offer, it is essential to understand that you don’t have to plan a weekend trip to the great outdoors every weekend. Only spending time in your garden each day is enough to enjoy nature. However, it is recommended to fill your yard with adequate greenery to truly feel engulfed by the outdoors, even though you are at home.

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