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It is important to make sure that you have an excellent dental website for your dental practice to be able to attract new patients and continue to grow your business. To help you do this you need to speak to a dental marketing team who will be able to advise you on the changing trends in dental marketing and digital marketing to make sure that you stand out from amongst your competitors and attract patients. Without dental websites patients are unable to distinguish between dental practices, therefore, by making sure that you have a bespoke, modern and attractive dental website you can boost the success of your dental practice.

The ‘about’ page

There are many different features that are necessary for making sure that you have a successful dental website. Research shows that one of the most visited pages on dental websites is the ‘about’ page. This is because the majority of dental practices offer the same treatments and procedures, often at similar prices. Therefore, patients search for personalisation to try and make a connection with you which will help ease their nerves or convince them that you are the right place to have the dental treatments carried out at. This page should include information with regard to your personal background, the ethos of your dental practice, your approach to dentistry, your education and experience, as well as including your professional certification and awards. By including happy, smiling pictures of you and your team you will also engage with your prospective patients more successfully and encourage them to visit you in person.


Pictures of your team should not just be restricted to the about page. Including photos, videos and messages from you and your team throughout the website helps patients familiarise themselves with you further, helping to build a relationship before they have stepped into your practice. Once they do visit you in person you will have the chance to strengthen this relationship and encourage them to become a loyal patient with you.

Reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are another important feature of a good dental website. By including a strong collection of reviews from your existing patients you will build trust and confidence within your prospective patients, whose mind will be put at ease knowing that others have experienced quality dental care and fantastic customer service at your practice. An important note to remember is that relying solely on text reviews may not always be effective. Alongside written patient reviews another key factor for good dental websites is before and after pictures. Before and after pictures are proof that you are capable of quality dental care and it also gives patients encouragement to address their individual dental needs knowing that other patients have achieved wonderful results by undergoing dental treatment with you.

Speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team who can help you create a personalised website which reassures patients of the quality of dental care and the excellent customer service that they can receive at your dental practice, encouraging them to choose you over the other practices in your area. Dental websites are the most effective way forward in modern dental marketing so make the most of your dental website with the help of a digital marketing team today.

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