Staying Social on New Year’s Eve is Easy for Seniors in Retirement Homes


The Christmas holidays are exciting, but they only mark the beginning of the holiday season. The symbolic second marking the moment on the calendar where one year ends and another begins has always been treated as a special occasion.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve fall within a week of each other, which helps explain why the classic Christmas carol “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” ends the chorus with “and a happy New Year.”

Seniors living in retirement homes have many fun ways to celebrate New Year’s.

Likeminded People Are Nearby

People who have seen many New Year’s Eves may choose to spend their time in different ways — some like to mark the occasion with some type of party, while others prefer a mellower night with only a symbolic gesture about NYE. There’s no wrong way to do it, but everybody loves company.

Those living in retirement communities are surrounded by like-minded people in the same position as them. Whether they want to revel as the ball drops and stay up past midnight or turn in early after a pleasant evening, they won’t have to search hard for company.

Many retirement homes are located conveniently near bustling urban environments that are easy to reach via public transit. Residents can enjoy whatever type of New Year’s Eve night they want.

Excellent Food is Near at Hand

The leading retirement homes, such as All Seniors Care, offer residents excellent meals every day throughout the year, including the night when two years rub up against each other. Imagine having professional cooks preparing healthy, delicious meals in a warm, ambient atmosphere!

There’s a difference between eating and dining, and at the best retirement homes, the dining room is open 365 days a year. Retirees love not having to meal plan, buy groceries, cook the food, and do the dishes. But around the holidays, when there are occasions to feast with friends, mealtime takes on another level of significance in retirement homes.

There Are Games

The leading retirement homes have specialized care to let residents age in place, but they also facilitate a thriving social life for residents to enjoy. The Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve fall during the winter when it’s dark and cold out in Canada, so retirement home residents appreciate some joyous games that spark camaraderie and friendly competition.

The leading retirement homes have annual competitions that residents look forward to, in addition to hosting various forms of entertainment and amusement throughout the year. Expect to find games like indoor bocce, billiards, shuffleboard, and even archery.

Some facilities let residents play bowling and golf on the Nintendo Wii system.

Just as the sun begins to set sooner and the temperatures drop, along comes the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve to lift our spirits. If you’re living in a retirement home, it’s easy to enjoy this fun, auspicious night however you please in good company.

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