SMP as an Effective Solution to Hair Loss

scalp micropigmentation

State-of-the-art scalp micropigmentation or SMP offers balding men and women hyper-realistic results. Don’t let non-believers convince you otherwise. We’d go as far as stating that this hair loss solution is effective. You may choose to agree or disagree after reading this informative argument in favor of the SMP method.

If you’re thinking about undergoing SMP treatment in Nevada or any other states, this information might help you decide.

The escalating problem of hair loss

You are not the only person worrying over the thinning patches of hair on your scalp. Millions of men and women around the world are looking at the mirror every day and thinking about what they can do to keep the thinning hair they still have on their heads. Pattern baldness and hairline recession are the main reasons for thousands of searches on “hair transplant screening” online.

You are losing your hair because you might be genetically predisposed. Some men are oversensitive to a hormone that shrinks the follicles, eventually leading to poor hair growth. Others are paying the price for lifestyle choices, such as excessive alcohol or nicotine use and poor diet. Some unfortunate souls are dealing with hair loss as a side effect of their medication.

An effective yet non-invasive solution

Can you go through a procedure that uses microneedles that deposit dark pigment to your scalp? Imagine the result of this procedure as even stubble of short hair on a once bald scalp. The thought of needles on your scalp might not be too appealing but consider the results. A medical specialist uses a needle as fine as natural hail follicles and implants pigments into the scalp.

Scalp micro pigmentation offers balding or bald people the opportunity to present themselves in public with a short buzz cut. Other names for scalp micropigmentation include medical hairline tattoo, scalp tattoo, and hair micro pigmentation treatment.

A natural look

man's hair being checked

When performed by a professional like, the outcome is a seamless, newly shaved scalp of hair. It is usual for someone who has completed a series of treatments to receive a compliment on the natural appearance of their tattooed scalp. The layered buildup of microdots helps create the appearance of hair—more specifically, a head that is newly shaven. Most facilities offering the treatment provide a personalized price quote. The treatment cost may be as high as $4200 or as low as $1500.

Your expectations

When you decide to undergo the procedure, you must realize that there is more than one treatment session to attend and that settling fading is part of the natural course. Typically, the initial treatment offers encouraging results, but fading do occur. Dots become lighter and less sharp as the pigments settle in the first three to six months. During this phase, you must be patient and consider products that moisturize the scalp and protect it from radiation from the sun.

When you choose SMP treatment, you will learn that you’ll be wearing the tattooed scalp for a lifetime. You might need a refresher in four years or so, but the burden of a shiny and hairless scalp would not be yours to carry anymore.

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