Skin Health Precautions and Glowing Skin Tips


The skin is the largest and most visible part of the human body. Keeping it radiant and healthy should, therefore, be a primary concern. However, some of the things we do put us against our own skins. Smoking and even exposing ourselves to the sun for long periods can cause our skin to dry and look old. Home health care experts have confirmed that a lot of people even at the age of 50+ seem to have really glowing and clear skin that defies their age. Having followed the correct routine at a younger age can help in getting long term results.

Different nutrients are required to maintain healthy and shiny skin. What you consume directly affects your skin. Taking supplements like Omega-3 oils makes your skin glow by reducing antioxidants in your skin. Read on for more information on how to maintain healthy and radiant skin.

Avoid Smoking

Various aspects of smoking make it a health hazard. Even the basics of smoking such as pouting of lips and squinting of eyes to avoid smoke can contribute to wrinkles on your skin. Smoking also makes your skin age faster. It depletes oxygen and other nutrients that are important to skin health. At the same time, excessive smoking damages small fires in the skin reducing skin strength and elasticity. This means you can easily be injured if you smoke often. The effects of smoking do not stop there, studies have proved that there is a high likelihood that smokers will get skin cancer easily. At the same time, smoking narrows blood cells reducing blood flow and making the skin look pale.

Fish Oils

Fish oil is a prescription for almost anybody deficiency. In skin treatment, fish oil protects the skin against damage by the sun by helping supply hydration through the body. In this way, it is able to reduce acne and ward off wrinkles. Omega-3 fish oils also have low glycemic sugars and are therefore beneficial to people with Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. They contain EPA useful in regulating oil production and Boost hydrogenation. This helps to reduce acne and skin aging. It also blocks the release of UV-induced enzymes which lead to skin sagging. EPA is also anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant making it the perfect protection for your skin.

Skin Treatment

It is important to be very careful with what you apply to your skin. Be gentle and careful. Taking long hot water baths and showers depletes oils from your skin making it very dry. Do not use strong soap or detergents as they also reduce oil from your skin. After bathing, do not rub the towel across your body but dub the water away lightly. This ensures only the excess water is taken from your skin. A little moisture is left to maintain you. Keeping your skin moisturized with lotions is an added advantage. SPF lotions are the best for this task. The SPF value keeps your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours making your skin healthy and shiny.

Sun Shield

The sun is very harmful to the skin especially for people with low melanin levels. Sunburns are a common sight. It is important to shield your body from direct sunlight especially during midday hours. Too much exposure will cause wrinkles, age spots and even skin cancer. If you can’t cover up, use sunscreen every few minutes to prevent sunburns. Long-sleeve shirts and long trousers are recommended for extreme situations.

Skin care is important to men and women. Acne, most common in young people, is one of the most recurring skin diseases. It is however easy to avoid or manage it through the above expert tips. Cures by nature are always less deadly than medication.

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