Signs That Tell You Are Suffering From a Dangerous Headache


Of all the aches and pains, none is as dangerous and anxiety-provoking as a headache. And if you’re someone who constantly deals with the problem of chronic headaches, it’s time you get serious about it!

However, research shows that many different headaches are medically known as “primary,” meaning they are not a symptom of some other underlying health condition. Therefore, if you are worried about your headaches, chances are they are due to a severe or life-threatening problem.

That said, some headaches are dangerous and have some unusual patterns and features – that a sufferer can’t ignore. Here are the signs that can help you find the red flag symptoms. Read and find out if your headache is as dangerous as you thought:

Your Headaches Are Very Harsh and Sudden

You may have heard people tell you to be wary of sudden headaches, but how do you know it’s a severe condition?

Headaches that occur in seconds with an intensity that stops you from doing anything. The pain increases within less than a minute (although headaches persist for a long time). This is known as thunderclap headaches, and anyone suffering from it describes them as explosive, or the worst type of headache anyone could get. Moreover, it is not at all like your typical headache that tends to linger on for several minutes or hours and becomes worse as time goes on.

On the other hand, thunderclap headaches are caused by something serious until proven otherwise, as they are linked to bleeding in the brain. So, if you are experienced any of these symptoms mentioned above, it is wise to seek immediate medical attention.

Changes From Motion

The next set of symptoms may need same-day attention from your health care provider. If you don’t have one, consider getting a prompt appointment or visiting an urgent care clinic.

Your healthcare provider will ask you what the things that are making your pain better or worse are. Try to notice if the ache sharpens or changes in any other way during your day-to-day moments. Movements such as rolling over in bed, bending over, or even bearing down during a bowel movement can help you find the symptoms.

On a similar note, it may not be a regular headache if it gets worse when lying flat and gets better when sitting or standing. This type of headache is known as a “postural” headache, and it could result from masses exerting pressure on the brain or spinal cord. Additionally, this type of headache also presents itself as a severe morning headache and might result in patient vomiting.

This headache occurs due to dehydration (or low blood pressure) in many cases. It’s pretty similar to the hangover headache. Fortunately, there’s a quick fix to this: Drink plenty of water. But, if the problem persists, seek medical assistance from a professional medical health professional.

In Conclusion

Headaches can make your life a lot difficult. They can affect your productivity and even your relationships. So, it is vital to find solutions for the particular types of headaches you are suffering from before they turn themselves into a more complicated health issue.

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