Risk-Free Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

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Let’s face it: We all want to live in homes that are clean from the ceiling to the tile! Cleanliness, after all, is next to a germ-free and disease-free environment for children. That said, homeowners often resort to paying a lot of money for the most effective cleaning solutions. 

However, not all cleaning solutions can help ensure a healthier home. In fact, there are some that do the opposite by endangering the health of the home’s occupants. 

There’s a clear difference between a home that’s clean and healthy; homeowners should be able to achieve both by using the right approaches.

That said, let’s take a look at a few home cleaning strategies that won’t create health issues for your kids:

1. Stock up on alternative cleaning materials

The first thing you need to do to keep a clean home is to stock up on cleaning materials and supplies that will allow you to give your house a thorough cleaning. For this, you will need a set of microfiber cloths and gloves. You will also need to gather healthy cleaning solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, and borax. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to store these materials somewhere inaccessible to small children.

2. Use baking soda

When it comes to natural cleaning, it’s always a battle between lemons and baking soda. Although lemons have the advantage of being an antibacterial and antiseptic, baking soda is much more ideal for cleaning off stubborn stains such as burnt food and grease inside the oven. Just add baking soda to water and spray the solution onto the stain to soften it up for a much-needed wiping.

3. Protect yourself

Of course, a deep cleaning session shouldn’t leave you unprotected. You also need to cover your eyes and mouth using the right protective gear. An apron, gloves, 3 ply face masks, and goggles should help keep off dust particles, especially those from asbestos which can cause a slew of diseases such as mesothelioma, according to legal experts from www.bergmanlegal.com. So, if you’re looking to clean your home be sure that you wear the right gear for the job!

4. Use natural air fresheners

Many commercial products are manufactured to replicate certain scents. Unknown to some, however, many of these synthetic scents can pollute the air and lead to the development of serious respiratory diseases such as asthma and, worse, lung cancer. Your best option would be to prepare a natural concoction of air fresheners using purified water and essential oils. These will definitely make for safer alternatives to the air freshening products you can find in the store.

5. Maximize your microfiber cloths

The best thing about microfiber cloths is that they can be used anywhere and on anything. For instance, you can use them to wipe away dust from windows. And in tandem with a natural cleaning solution, they are effective at clearing stains and picking up hardened particles that a mop couldn’t even pick up. 

Cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive and risky. You just need to know the right methods in order to get the results you need without putting your family’s health in danger!

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