Research Chemicals: What You Need to Know

research chemicals

It’s no secret that technology is changing the way professionals in the medical field operate. The availability of research chemicals speaks to this statement.

We’ve discussed our thoughts on online pharmacies in the past and we’ll be taking the online approach to a different topic. Today we’ll be discussing the online world of research chemicals.

What are Research Chemicals?

Before we discuss the online research chemical marketplace, let’s clear up what research chemicals are exactly. A research chemical is a chemical substance used by scientists solely for research purposes. Research chemicals are to be used in laboratory environments for research purposes only and are NOT intended for usage on humans or animals.

 The categories that research chemicals typically fall into are as follows:

  • Cannabinoids: Compounds that include cannabinol and other active constituents of the cannabis plant.
  • Amphetamines: Stimulants that affect the central nervous system.
  • Opiates: Alkaloid compounds that occur naturally in the opium poppy plant.
  • Stimulants: Substances that raise the nervous and physiological activity in the body.
  • Psychedelics: Class of drugs that cause an altered state of consciousness, audio and visual changes and thought pattern changes.  
  • Benzodiazepines: Class of psychoactive drugs resulting in sedative, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant properties. 

Where Can You Buy Research Chemicals?

Many people are extremely surprised to hear that, just like most products, you can buy research chemicals online in the USA. Research chemicals can be bought from online distributors and institutes such as the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) as well as from brick and mortar research chemical retailers.

Keep the Following in Mind when Purchasing Research Chemicals Online

Unfortunately, there are far too many scam websites out there that pose as legitimate research chemical suppliers and it’s incredibly important to keep your wits about you when considering a new supplier. Here’s what you can do to ensure you stay safe while purchasing research chemicals online:

  • Investigate the website: Take a close look at the website you plan on purchasing research chemicals from and be extremely mindful of typos, misspellings and other indicators of an illegitimate website.
  • Read online reviews: Read reviews from those who’ve previously purchased research chemicals from this online supplier. These reviews can be found on the manufacturer’s website or online review sites like Trustpilot.
  • Request MSDS: MSDS stands for material safety data sheets. These sheets provide extensive details on the research chemicals supplier, their chemical compositions, safety measures that need to be taken when handling them, and toxicology specifics.

Final Thoughts

What a world we live in, where research chemicals can be purchased online! This is wonderfully convenient for scientists and their research endeavors and could lead to the development of new, potentially disease-curing drugs.

But the online availability of research chemicals does pose a significant risk to the medical industry as these research chemicals are unscheduled, typically unregulated and could end up in the wrong hands and find their way onto the streets.

What are your thoughts on the topic of research chemicals and their online availability? Let us know in the comments section below.

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