Reasons To Use ALPR Solutions For Your Business


Running any business can be quite a challenge. There are so many areas of priority that need constant attention and improvement, from workplace health and safety to employee engagement, cybersecurity, and much more.

As a result, it’s easy to overlook modern physical security solutions, specifically because business security advice these days mainly revolves around cybersecurity. Unfortunately, physical threats can be just as detrimental to an organization’s bottom line as a dangerous cyber attack.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the more innovative security solutions for businesses, automatic license plate recognition systems stand out the most, even though these systems are not at all new. These systems have been assisting law enforcement teams across the globe for several years already.

However, these systems are now available for business use as well, and here’s why you should invest in ALPR solutions from Genetec.


As an additional security feature, automatic license plate recognition systems can accurately identify all vehicles that enter and exit your business premises. With this data, law enforcement can track down criminals should you become a victim of theft, burglary, or even property damage.

ALPR systems don’t just read the vehicle’s license plate, as they can also check the license against databases for verification. This makes it possible to track a single vehicle in a sea of traffic.

Additional Safety

Safety is a core priority for most, but if you already have other safety features at your business, like video surveillance, security personnel, outdoor lighting, and alarm systems, then you might be looking for ways to boost security further.

Automatic license plate recognition is a perfect addition to any existing business security plan. This system can help identify high-risk incidents before they unfold by identifying vehicles as they enter your premises.

ALPR solutions provide predictive analytics, historical vehicle location data, and associate analysis tools that work together to offer quick and reliable leads. As a result, this security solution reduces the risks of car theft, runaway suspects, and stolen assets significantly.

It’s Automatic

Because ALPR solutions are automatic, you don’t need any expertise to run the system. Automation reduces the amount of time you need to spend managing monotonous admin tasks to give you and your employees a lot more flexibility.

There’s no need to manually check each license plate. So you won’t need to employ staff just to track license plate details all day. Instead, this security feature will automatically scan and identify all license plate numbers without any assistance.

Should things go wrong, you’ll be able to pull suspect license plate details in a matter of moments. On the other hand, manually finding suspects could take days, depending on how busy the parking area is. Instead of overwhelming your security or admin staff, automatic license plate recognition serves as an efficient solution.

Automatic license plate recognition solutions are an excellent way to heighten business security. While these security features are typically found on toll roads and in tunnels, the benefits of this feature can be valuable to business security.

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