What are the 5 Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer?

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One of the most common cancer types among males is cancer of the prostate. This cancer does not exhibit any signs in the initial stages. However, it’s still possible to find the disease earlier on with the help of a few signs.

Like other cancer types, it’s a harmful disease whose treatment becomes much easier if detected earlier.

That’s why it’s essential to get treatment for prostate cancer at a health facility that has a good experience of over 28 years and provides comprehensive cancer care. Such a facility ensures that you get the best care right when you make an appointment with them.

The 5 Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

The signs (i.e., what someone sees) and symptoms (i.e., what someone feels) depend on how big the cancer is, how it affects nearby organs and whether it has spread or metastasized.

In general, here are significant five warning signs of this type of cancer:

  1. Pain or a peculiar burning sensation when you urinate or ejaculate.
  2. Repeated urination. You will find yourself going to the bathroom often during the night.
  3. You may suddenly stop urinating mid-way.
  4. Unexpected erectile dysfunction is another common warning sign of this cancer.
  5. The presence of blood in your semen or urine is also a critical sign you shouldn’t ignore.

Although these symptoms are the most crucial ones to look out for, they aren’t the only ones. You shouldn’t ignore the possibility of other indicators, like a weak flow of urine and an intense pain in the groin area that occurs without any reason whenever you sit down. It is due to the presence of tumors in the prostate gland, located under the bladder and in front of your rectum.

If cancer extends beyond the prostate area, you can also experience lower body swelling and unusual urinary habits. You will also notice unintended and sudden weight loss. At the same time, you must remember that all these symptoms do not solely point to cancer of the prostate. They can point to another condition that maybe not be so threatening.

What Risk Factors Should You Consider?

Those studying cancers have recognized various factors that can enhance the risk of developing this cancer type. While reading them, remember that if you have one or two of them, it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily get this cancer.

But you should ensure to get the screenings of this disease according to your physician’s recommendation. At the same time, men not having these risk factors can also develop this cancer.

  • Age – Although it’s a disease of the elderly, the likelihood of developing this cancer increases after you turn 50.
  • Ethnicity and race – The American Cancer Society is of the opinion that Caribbean men of African ethnicity have a greater likelihood of developing this cancer as compared to others. Hispanic, American and Asian males have fewer chances of developing cancer.
  • Family medical history – Men who have a brother or father with cancer of the prostate can have a greater risk of developing it. But it’s also essential to know that there are also many cases of this cancer occurring in men who don’t have a family history.

If you or someone you love experiences any symptoms, consult a good health facility. A reliable prostate cancer treatment center provides diagnosis, observation, treatment, intervention and rehabilitation services.

It also has highly experienced physicians specializing in treatment options like robotic surgery, open surgery, laparoscopic surgery and orchiectomy. These treatments shrink the cancer cells and minimize tumor growth.

Going through the process of getting cancer treatment is daunting. It is an emotional, physical and financial challenge. Choosing a hospital for cancer treatment is not easy. You must understand various factors that are going to contribute toward your final treatment cost. When you are searching for top cancer treatment hospitals in, for example, India, ensure that you have discussed the primary and secondary factors involved in the process.

There are multiple cancer specialty hospitals, and adding to them are various hospital chains and dedicated departments. Although you choose to trust a hospital for treatment, you must be 100 percent sure about its quality of services, infrastructure and patient care.

Start reading various blogs online to find out what a cancer patient goes through, and how you can make their journey to recovery easy. A trusted and reputed hospital with provide you with a friendly healing environment with the best medical facilities, 24/7 emergency services, top of the line surgeons, nutritionist and nursing staff.

The best way to know whether the hospital has it all is to talk to patients who have sought treatment from the facility in the past. You’ll get plenty of online reviews to understand how a hospital runs. However, it is best that you take time to do your research before jumping to a conclusion.

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