Physical Therapy and Exercises to Treat an Annular Tear


Therapy is an effective treatment that heals your body and soul. It is widely used to treat mental, emotional, and physical sections of humans.

When we hear the word “therapy,” we automatically start feeling relaxed. The word itself has some sort of power that lets you give the confidence of getting well soon. Here we will be talking about the treatment of an annular tear through exercise and physical therapy. But first of all, you need to understand what it is?

The annulus includes numerous concentric layers of strong fibers that contain, surround, and protect the liquid, soft nucleus situated inside the disc. The nucleus acts as a shock absorber in our body. It shields the body’s weight as it influences the spinal joint when we move, stand, or sit. The layers of the annulus fibrosus offer support and scaffolding by criss crossing each other.

Now that we know what it is, let’s jump straight into the treatment section:


To handle the pain and other symptoms of annular tears, usually conservative treatment is sufficient. These contain prescribed medicines and physical therapy. The physical therapy treatment contains traction, exercise, and more depending upon the severity of the condition. You can get guidance from a pain management clinic in your area to know about the exercises and experience the healing process.

If these treatments fail to give you relief from pain, then your doctor may prescribe you steroid injections to minimize pain and inflammation. In extremely severe cases, surgery may be suggested containing disc replacement.

Let’s Explore Exercises That Can Reduce The Pain Of An Annular Tear

The recovery time of annular tears may get shorter with the combination of physical therapy with exercise. It may even eliminate the chances of surgical treatment. Learn and remember every exercise that a physical therapist has prescribed. He/she will even guide you through the methods on how appropriately you can do the physical activity like stretches.

Exercises aim is to construct muscle strength, reduce pain and enhance flexibility. In particular dynamic lumbar stabilization exercises, the objective is to make muscles work back and enhance the strength of abdominal muscles to improve flexibility, posture, and strength.

A few of the suitable annular tear exercises are:

  • The stretching exercises for annular tears include leg extensions, pelvic lift, lying down hamstring stretch, chin tucks, shoulder stretch, and shoulder blade squeeze.
  • While laying on the stomach with arms outstretched opposite leg and arm extensions performed and raising the left arm and right leg, and then repeat the same on the opposite side
  • For beginners to strengthen the core muscles, the elbow-based planks work well.
  • To strengthen and stabilize the low back muscles, you need to lay on your stomach with your arms parallel to the body. Now you need to lift your upper body upward by squeezing the muscles of your lower back.
  • To diminish the pain and enhance the muscle’s strength and flexibility, try numerous yoga and pilates exercises.
  • Swimming and bicycle riding can also help in the treatment.

Final Words

Treatment of annular tears is widely available. So if you or any member in your family have that, please contact pain management clinics or get in touch with your doctor for appropriate treatment.

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