5 Types of Motorcycle Injuries Can Impact Your Body, Even Years Later


Thinking of getting a motorcycle? Keep these types of accidents in mind…

Some motorcycle accidents will give you pain for the rest of your life. There’s no easy way to say this: but hurt yourself too badly and you could end up with chronic pain and a range of conditions, brought on by one bad day behind the wheel. According to the healthcare experts at Icon Medical Centers, the aftermath of accidents can be physically and financially painful. That’s why it is important that you associate with healthcare specialists who know how to tackle such injuries the right way. In fact, accident specialists can also maximize your chances of receiving fair insurance claims to deal with those hefty medical bills.

Regardless of who is at fault, residual effects from past injuries can linger for years and years if they’re not treated right. We detailed the worst – and most common – motorbike injuries that just don’t go away.

The 5 Motorbike Injuries that Keep On Hurting

Here are some of the five worst injuries for recurring pain in later life.

1 – Hearing Loss

Many bikers don’t even think about how their hearing is being affected by the noise from the road. Accidents can be particularly noisy, and eardrums can burst with the sudden impact of the halted vehicle.

It turns out that one in every ten Americans will suffer hearing loss anyway, but when you ask bikers, things get worse. They endure about 90 decibels of noise during a 60 mph journey. Drive for extended periods and they end up with hearing loss. It’s so well known that they have written papers on it.

2 – Head Impact Injuries

When your head is hit hard enough, you can suffer all sorts of illnesses for an undetermined amount of time. It is estimated that nearly three quarters of all fatal incidents between bikers and cars involved those not wearing a helmet.

It is possible to suffer pain in the head for years after an accident. Worse, the high impact of the motorcycle crash can put you at higher risk of aneurysm. Always wear your helmet and replace it every time you fall off your bike.

3 – Broken Bones

Even a slight bump can knock you off your motorbike – and you don’t have to be going all that fast for the bump to cause damage, either. Broken bones are next up on our list of things that can cause you damage for years to come. Arthritis, muscle and ligament damage, and aches in that area, can all be ongoing for years after an accident.

4 – Spinal Damage

Spinal injuries are less common, but worse in symptoms. To damage your spine means anything from a broken neck to loss of lower body functioning. You might not walk again, might be paralyzed, and could even suffer phantom pains in a body you can’t feel anymore.

5 – Road Rash

When you hit the road, there is only so much protection your leathers are going to give you. The term “road rash” is used to describe the friction and impact burns caused when you hit that tarmac. Road rash doesn’t just hurt for a few days, it hurts for a few weeks. Sometimes, if it’s deep enough, it scars you for life. You could end up landing on your face and forearms, needing plastic surgery and in terrible, ongoing pain… That’s definitely something to think about if you’re not sure whether or not to seek compensation.

Above all else, the key takeaway should be that you reach out for help in seeking back medical expenses. Bike accidents change your life, but that doesn’t have to mean forever. Do what you can, recover, and then get the compensation you deserve.

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