Major Weight Loss; 4 Ways to Tighten Loose Skin


If you were overweight, you would surely know about the various risks that it carries. It can lead to heart problems, diabetes, and much more. It is really hard to lose weight, but that is not the only problem. Once you have lost quite a lot of weight, you might face issues such as sagging and loose skin. This may interfere with your confidence and your self-esteem as well. For some people, it is so much that it ends up affecting their quality of life. There is no need to worry since we have curated a list of ways in which you can deal with loose skin after weight loss.

Perform resistance training

Exercise and eating right have gotten you this far, do not let it push you away from your main goal. Sure, loose skin is not appealing, but regular strength training can really help in tightening some of it up. This will help build muscle in these areas which will make your skin look and feel tighter. Strength training is one of the most effective ways of building some muscle in both older and younger adults. This can also lead to some extra collagen in your body which will work wonders for loose skin.

Take collagen regularly

There is collagen that can be found in the connective tissues of both humans and animals. Collagen hydrolysate is a processed form that is quite similar to gelatin. Most research indicates how collagen hydrolysate can have a positive effect on your skin’s collagen and may help tighten loose skin. A controlled study conducted in 2012 showed how skin elasticity significantly improved in patients after taking liquid collagen for 12 weeks. This supplement also included vitamin E and C, along with some zinc and biotin.

Think about breast augmentation

When you lose a ton of weight, the areas of your body that are already mostly made up of fat suffer the most. As a girl, you would hate to see sagging breasts in the prime of your life. In such a case, breast augmentation may be a good option for you. This will help in making them appear fuller and will eliminate excessive skin. Many patients who have gotten breast augmentation by Dr. Sadrian after excessive weight loss are quite happy with their results. There is some post-op care, but nothing that can not be done easily.

Stay hydrated and have your vitamins

The most important thing to do is to stay hydrated so that your collagen keeps building up. There are certain components of healthy skin that you should always have. It is important to have enough protein so that your body does not lose muscle mass and amino acids from it since this helps in collagen production. You should also have enough foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids since they improve skin elasticity. Have enough vitamin C so that your skin is also protected from sun damage.

Excess of loose skin is quite common after you lose a lot of weight. Use these tips and tricks to help you feel more confident in your body again.

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