Laser Surgeries Helps to Improve Vision Issues Explained


Laser vision surgeries have become the present and future of the eye treatment world. And there is nothing wrong with it as it continues to show some surprising results. As a result, we see millions of people inclining towards laser vision treatment and surgeries the most.

Besides correcting your vision, laser treatments are ideal for reducing and then eliminating the need to wear glasses or using contact lenses. So, what else do you need? These treatments are more of correct refractive therapies working on the delicate factors of eye treatment.

What is the most common eye issue addressed by laser surgeries?

Laser treatments work the best to correct all sorts of refractive errors. It’s common for an individual to experience imperfectly shaped cornea with time. The cornea is the crystal clear part on the eye’s front for those who don’t know. It helps to improve the focal point. Most refractive errors are likely to cause the light from an object to be less reflective and clear. This results in blurred vision, which may make you feel irritated.

Four common types of refractive errors include

1. Farsightedness

It is often referred to as hyperopia that lets you see distant objects clearly while blurring the objects. Here, the eye seems shorter than usual, or the cornea remains flat. As a result, the image focus remains behind the retina.

2. Presbyopia

Many people often call it the ‘aging eye.’ Here, the eye loses vision ability while changing the focus. It happens due to the natural aging procedure. One can see its impact between the 40 and 50s.

3. Nearsightedness

All close objects appear sharp but blurred when in the distance. This is because the eye is longer than normal. Also, the cornea remains a bit curved. With this, you are likely to see the images focusing in front of the retina rather than over it.

4. Astigmatism

Objects seem blurred when at a distance. In this condition, the lens and cornea are focused on the images, resulting in non-focused images created on the retina.

For all these conditions, there are laser treatments. Let’s dig in and know more about it.


It is also referred to as laser in situ keratomileusis. It is an ideal laser treatment to treat up to 90 to 95% of all laser vision correction issues. As per the experts of LASIK at Lotus Vision, this treatment is ideal for healing misaligned myopia, hyperopia, and many other eye conditions. Here, the practitioner cuts the hinged flap in the cornea giving you a clear vision in no time.


It is called laser epithelial keratomileusis. Many experts call it a perfect blend of PRK and LASIK processes. Here, the cornea surface is corrected using an alcohol solution. This is done way before moving aside the cornea.

The final takeaway

Laser treatments are introduced to make you suffer less while seeing an exceptional improvement. The treatment process differs from the regular ones, which is visible in its results too. All you need is to learn about the different laser treatment types made for your eye issue.

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