Key Things About Orthodontic Treatments


There are roughly over two hundred and thirty-three thousand people residing in South Charlotte currently, each requiring the services of a qualified orthodontist at least once in their lifetime. Since dental problems can be as diverse or severe in some cases, finding a reliable oral care expert in the city is crucial.

Ideally, residents look for dental professionals serving South Charlotte patients quickly and efficiently while being friendly, making their dreaded visit as painless and comfortable as possible. Fortunately, several reliable dental care experts in the city meet all their requirements easily.

The most common dental treatments widely prevalent in South Charlotte are braces or orthodontic treatments – surgical and otherwise. Here’s some quick information about these that new city residents in need of an oral care practitioner will find beneficial.


There are over three thousand nine hundred dentists in North Carolina, with several of these based in South Charlotte city. All residents must visit dental care professionals regularly irrespective of their age, as teeth and gum issues are common in children, teenagers, and adults.

For instance, consider this study that found poor oral health impacted school attendance in North Carolina children. It concluded that kids with toothaches and other dental problems were three times more likely to miss school. Invariably, city residents must take their kids to the dentist when they are seven or even younger, enabling the expert to assess their oral health.

City experts suggest early intervention can help treat or prevent cross-bite, overcrowded teeth, gaps, malalignments, etc. They treat adults of any age with braces and other orthodontic procedures for various teeth problems. With dental insurance, braces can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000 in South Charlotte and other North Carolina regions, making them quite affordable for most residents.

Other orthodontic options

People who do not wish to have metal braces often ask their trusted orthodontic expert in South Charlotte to use other, more undetectable ways to correct smiles and teeth alignments. Invisalign is one such way wherein local professionals use a series of high-quality clear aligners to orient the teeth in an even line. These are removable brackets intricately designed to help people enjoy a clear and stunning smile while aligning their teeth.

Typically, these cost slightly more than metal braces in South Charlotte, making them an affordable option for those seeking the treatment for aesthetic reasons.

Finally, local dental experts generally provide surgical orthodontic treatment with qualified oral surgeons for severe cases. Most procedures involve braces before or after surgery and can help correct defective jaw growth, chronic overbite, and other jaw conditions.

An excellent orthodontic expert is critical.

Finding a respected, qualified, and experienced orthodontic expert serving South Charlotte patients with care and patience is paramount. Look for local dental professionals who provide free initial consultation or discounts and flexible payment terms if you have a tight budget. Also, ensure the South Charlotte dentist you wish to visit treats kids and teenagers besides adults, making it easy to take care of your family’s dental needs.

Finally, trust a South Charlotte orthodontic expert with over a decade of experience, impeccable skills, and friendly staff to make the visit comfortable and anxiety-free. Mainly, this is critical for children and adults who dread visits to the dentist.

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