Keeping Your Kids Confident: How to Do it Right

Mother with her child playing

Mother with her child playing

If there is one thing you have to teach your kids when they are growing up, that is being confident. Sure, you have to teach them to be kind, giving, loving, and respectful, but if they are not confident with themselves or the people around them, then these things are difficult to achieve.

Here, and other experts will discuss a few tips on how you can instill confidence in your child while they are growing up.

Follow a Routine

You should try following a routine for your child every single day, as this will help them feel secure and confident about themselves. For example, in a day, you have to strictly implement the hours when it comes to mealtime. Breakfast should be at 8 A.M., lunch should be at noon, and snacks should be at 4 P.M., and dinner should be at 7 P.M.

Bath time, books, and bedtime should also be properly scheduled. This is to instill discipline and confidence to your child, as they will most likely feel secure, safe, and confident if they know what’s about to happen to their day.

Allow Them to Explore

Do not overly protect your children, as this will undoubtedly make them feel anxious and insecure about themselves. Let them play and discover the world — it is totally okay if they trip, fall down, and get a scar, as long as you are there to help them get through it.

Allow them to play with animals, so they would know how to take care of these living beings when they grow up. Through discovery and play, they will start to correct their own errors. Plus, they will know how to differentiate right from wrong, which is a huge factor when it comes to gaining and building self-confidence.

Give Them Something to Do

Mother and daughter playing

Giving your children something to do will make them feel useful and empowered. They will get the sense that they are needed, thus building self-confidence in the long run. Give them a couple of reasonable tasks at home, so they would know how to go by on their own even after they grow older.

For example, you can ask them to help feed the pets, help with watering the plants, wash the dishes with you, and pick up their own toys. When doing such tasks, you give them the sense that they are needed, giving them the boost of confidence that they need.

Celebrate Their Goals

One good way to boost your child’s self-confidence is by celebrating their goals and accomplishments. Always appreciate every single thing they do. For example, if they agreed to water the plants with you or feed the pets, then be vocal about it and say that they have done a good job. Affirmations are always a great way to boost your child’s self-confidence, especially during their younger years.

If you are interested in knowing how to keep your child confident and grow the way you want them to, then go ahead and talk to a child development clinic. They would know what to tell you and how to boost your child’s self-confidence. Enjoy the process!

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