How is a Rowing Machine Good for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain?

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Losing weight can be a daunting task but when done right, it can improve your health as well as self-confidence. Health experts have said that people going through their weight loss journeys try getting to their goal as soon as possible.

This leads to fat as well as muscle loss, which is not what you want to achieve. What is important for people to do is work on muscle training as well as weight loss. Cells replace proteins very regularly, and if you are dieting, it is important to include proteins in your diet and not forget that weight loss shouldn’t equal muscle loss.

Experts suggest in a research slow weight loss over drastic weight loss programs, and to focus on cardio as well and strength training. To keep your goal weight, it is important to boost your metabolism, not just lose weight once. This is where cardio and strength training comes in. Cable row machines are a brilliant way to achieve that.

  1. Convenience: Rowing machines have a very small footprint and are pretty affordable and compact. This is why they are very popular for health enthusiasts to get for their home gyms. They need little maintenance and also provide full-body workouts as well as strength training.
  2. Increased Metabolism: Rowing as an exercise has a brilliant effect on the lungs and heart. This leads to an increase in the body’s metabolism, helping with weight loss. Rowing is recommended by health and fitness experts to increase the heart rate and increase blood flow in the whole body.
  3. Time Efficient: Rowing has to be one of the most time-efficient exercises. As the movement of a row targets 85% of the muscles in the body, your body loses fat all around, making the process faster. You do not need to exercise separate parts of your body to work them out. It tones your body evenly and gives you a leaner shape. Cross-training is also possible using a rowing machine.
  4. Flexibility: The exercise also helps with flexibility, given how much you have to move to complete a row.
  5. Strength: A rowing machine comes with the option to change the resistance of the machine, making rowing easier or tougher, depending on what you want that day. Rowing at a higher resistance strengthens your back and core, which is what one should aim at. It also increases your stamina, if you increase the resistance of the rowing machine gradually.
  6. Low Injury Risk: Rowing machines have been proven to be at a significantly lower risk for injury compared to other training equipment by fitness experts. This result was given after making sure that the equipment is used with care and the correct form. Any equipment can cause significant damage if not used correctly. But the rowing machine is still at a lower risk, which makes it an all-round great piece of equipment to be used at home or at the gym.

Rowing machines have become very popular for muscle building because of the overall effect that they have. They work out almost all the muscles in the body and you can change the resistances as well depending on your need. It is great to build strength and muscle together.  If you wanna know more about the benefits of Rowing, you can read the 10 Benefits of Rowing for Weight Loss by Epivac.

The 3 most popular and loved Rowing Machines on Amazon include:

1. Sunny SF RW-1205

At 80 dollars, this is one of the best deals available online. It has 4.5 stars and also 12 levels of resistance. The straps and handles are adjustable, so you can change it according to your height and weight. it also has handles and a seat which are designed to be ergonomically comfortable. It comes with a manual and also has a digital monitor to track your progress.

2. JLL R200

On the more expensive side, the JLL R200 is a long term investment for the fitness enthusiast. It has 10 levels of in-built magnetic resistance.  It also has an advanced belting system for easy switching and rowing action without unnecessary wear and tears. It is equipped with an LCD display that monitors your progress, time and calorie count. Compact and easily transported, the JL R200 has a small footprint and is ideal for a high-performance home gym with a 4+ star rating. This one is the UK’s best-seller rowing machine.

3. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

With a 4 star rating, the Glider 1050 by Stamina is a popular choice for buyers for their Home Gym because of the affordable price and great features. It has a molded and comfortable seat along with a digital monitor. It has foldable arms to make it very compact along with footplates and padded handles and grips. It has a very strong frame and is long-lasting.  You can read more about How to lose fat and build muscles with rowing exercises by MensHealth.

You can also try out the following workouts to build muscle and burn fat:

  1. The 2000 Meter Mix-Up: You need to set the rower at 2000 miles and at the beginning of every minute in the 15-minute set, do a weighted hollow rock ladder.
  2. Row and Burpee Challenge: Challenge yourself to a set of rows with a time limit. If you go over the time limit, challenge yourself to a set of burpees. If you finish before time, challenge yourself to do a smaller set of burpees.
  3. The Metabolic Thruster Blast: Row 500m fast and follow it up with 25 reps of the dumbbells. Repeat 4 times and try finishing it within 20 minutes.

Rowing is a great exercise to look into if you haven’t yet, and to lean into if you have been doing it previously. It’s a great way to boost your stamina and metabolism without causing long term issues.

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