Holistic Wellness and Overall Health: How Do They Relate to Each Other?


Usually, when you hear someone say holistic wellness, they mean one or two completely different things from each other. But most of the time, this term is used as alternative medicine. For instance, if someone is diagnosed with an illness, they may first try to find natural ways of treating the disease. And that treatment would be “holistic medicine.”

On the other hand, the broader and most commonly used definition of holistic wellness utilizes the literal meaning of the term “holistic.” That is, wellness is related to various areas of health. An individual, therefore, is not entirely healthy until they are performing well in every other area of their life – not just physical or mental health. While experts argue which areas should be added to a holistic wellness routine, most agree that it constitutes mental, physical, and emotional health.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best practices to achieve holistic wellness and how it can enhance your overall health:

Incorporating Holistic Wellness in Your Lifestyle

There are several ways to create a holistic wellness routine – and there are no right or wrong answers. As you become more familiar with the ways different areas of your life intersect, you may find that one area is overpowering others. And often, an activity or a solution will lose the power of its positive impact on your body. So, keep your mind and heart open as you create this new approach to wellness.

The following ideas are an excellent way of noticing the impact that one element has on other components of wellness. Please choose one or several that you find the easiest and most effective to realize, or use them as a starting point to develop a holistic approach that works best for you.

Including Rest Into Your Day

It cannot be easy to sit still when a lot is going on in your mind. However, giving yourself a chance to rest makes you more creative, more effective, more content, and happier. So when you are getting the required rest – and that does not include sleep, but all different kinds of rest – it is essential in enhancing your holistic wellness. If you can’t always remember to take some time off, try setting up a timer to remind yourself that you need to take breaks. Utilize your time away from work and find activities that energize your mind and soul.

Work With an Expert

You might not even realize how different wellness dimensions may affect other areas of your life most of the time. Seeking assistance from a wellness practitioner from a reputed holistic health center can provide you with awareness of what changes you need to make to your lifestyle. And how those changes can give you the benefit of overall wellness.

For instance, if you are unhappy with your working conditions, you may think that you are not getting paid enough. That could be true, but its impact on your social, emotional, and financial well-being may have more to do with how you feel at the present moment. Working with an expert can help you find out the best ways to navigate through difficult circumstances of your life and discover the root cause of your problems.

Understanding the Relationship Between Physical Can Mental Fitness

Your self-esteem can be greatly influenced by your physical health. For example, if you feel insecure about your crooked teeth, you can get Invisalign In Clifton and accept yourself as you are.

Your physical fitness has a significant impact on your mental and emotional well-being. So when you are taking care of your physical health by getting enough sleep, working out regularly, and minding what you eat can exponentially enhance your mood and cognitive ability. Additionally, including self-care practices of holistic wellness, such as massage therapy, getting an acupuncture treatment, chiropractic care, and mindfulness through meditation, are great ways of nurturing your mind, body, and soul.

Finding Ways to Nurture Your Relationships

Your social health and finding ways to build long-lasting relationships that inspire you will help you develop a communal spirit. Since we develop our understanding of ourselves in many ways and our self-esteem by how those around us see us, invest your time in cultivating relationships based on support, shared goals, and mutual respect. Nurturing these relationships will significantly impact how you feel about yourself, what you eat, and how much money you earn with your job.

Keep an Open Mind

Not sure about taking a yoga class or getting massage therapy? Make sure you give it a try. Years ago, people believed that if someone was walking too close to another person, they could “catch” a demon. That sounds pretty out there – until or unless you know it’s a theory of catching an infectious disease. Just because we can’t comprehend how some things work, it doesn’t mean that you should be afraid of trying it. If you are still not feeling encouraged to try this approach, try gaining more knowledge and having discussions with your friends and family. Who knows, maybe you find someone in your life who is already following this lifestyle and has made positive changes to their life. Such resources can have a significant impact on your decisions, thus life.

Find and Do Something You Love

When you are constantly bouncing between work, relationships, and professional development, it doesn’t leave much room for you to have fun – but you must make time for it and make it a priority. Pursuing a hobby that you love keeps your creative juices flowing. And when you spend your time doing something that you enjoy doing, it enhances your productivity at work and helps you become more imaginative in strengthening your relationships. Soon you’d find that the better you are at play, the more productive you are at work.

To Sum it Up

Regardless of the common misconception, holistic wellness is not all about crystals and sage. On the contrary, it’s about understanding people as deeply layered beings who have intense experiences in their lives. These life experiences overlap and intersect to create the lens that lets us see through and understand how we feel at any given moment. Taking an overall approach to wellness with a holistic wellness approach is the answer to helping human beings to live their healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling lives.

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