Healthcare Must be Considered as a Utility – Here’s Why?


The last few decades have shed light on one important matter. And that is, healthcare comes to the forefront as one of the major shareholders of the US economy. The same entity is posing a significant threat to the US economy as well. How? It’s because the uncertainty and the rising costs are becoming a cause of concern. Simultaneously, the cost of producing vaccines or drugs for new or old diseases is adding to the medical costs.

Even though people finally understand the importance of setting aside some money for such utilities, still health emergencies often create a financial burden to the maximum population.

So, why should the country start thinking of it as a utility rather than a market? Let’s find out.

Healthcare as a Utility

While the country uses a capitalistic market principle for its economy, various instances have confirmed the use of competitive market solutions to deal with day-to-day issues. Undoubtedly, this solution has been effective in the rapid rise of healthcare costs, but unfortunately, the outcome is not desirable.

Everyone must understand that healthcare works entirely differently from other markets as it often requires immediate attention in case a health issue arises. Covid is the best example of uncertainties in healthcare. If you talk about insurance companies assisting during such times, one must understand that it’s a profit-making business where sick individuals are often weaker than providers.

So, what’s the solution in such circumstances?

The last few years have seen a sudden rise in the number of short-term loans to finance emergency medical situations. It could be anything from colonoscopies, hip replacements, ER visits, and so on.

Short Term Loans as a Healthcare Aid

These personal loans allow the borrowers to get access to some emergency funds when other options fail. And the best part of these short term loans is that you don’t need any collateral or even good credit history. All you need to have is a regular source of income. And you can get some financial help within no time.

Even the best planner can’t prepare for emergencies, and such loans come as a rescue that provides the borrower with plenty of room to pay back the borrowed money without stressing about it.

Wrapping up

No matter how much change you bring to the healthcare industry, there will always be some unpredictability attached to it. Even with transparent pricing, healthcare won’t be an entirely free marketplace since the transaction between buyers and patients are often coerced.

Thereby landing Americans in stressful situations where they can’t keep up with the healthcare needs no matter how perfectly they plan. This is what short-term or small budget loans come in handy. They help people with emergency funds and navigate through challenges that were otherwise kind of impossible.

How are you taking care of your personal healthcare needs? Is it impacting your future goals? How are you saving up?

So, depending on what we included in the article, what are your thoughts about, is healthcare a market or a utility? Share your thoughts or viewpoints.

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