Know More About the Health Issues Caused by a Bad Mattress and How to Eliminate Them

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People may not usually admit it, but we all know that sleep is crucial to our health and well-being. A lack of such a resource can lead to a disruption in your cognitive ability, emotional balance and productivity. With so much on the line, our body automatically craves sleep at every chance it gets, and we may not be getting as much as we think we do.

A good mattress can affect the quality of our sleep as much as the amount of light in our rooms, the disturbing noises, and the temperature of our environment. While all of these factors we can control, our mattress can produce subtle but long term effects on our body, and it leaves us wondering why our body aches when we wake, or why we feel like we’re not getting enough sleep.

Here are some of the effects that not enough sleep and sleep deprivation have on our bodies:

  • Increase on Stress Levels
  • With poor sleep quality on your belt every night, it will eventually lead to daytime grumpiness and weak focus. You may find yourself unable to be productive at most waking hours of the day and you may not even be fully active to participate in activities.
    Given the cause and the consequence, your cortisol levels can heavily affect your day to day. It can lead to a rapid weight gain because of increased food consumption and weakening metabolism. It may also affect your muscles and other organs, which may eventually lead to the development of health problems like Diabetes.

  • Back and Body Pain
  • Naturally, your body will fall asleep after a long tiring day, but when you are physically uncomfortable throughout the night, your sleep cycles will constantly be disrupted. Aside from that, your muscles will begin to cramp due to the poor circulation. It may eventually affect your posture and will lead to long term problems.

  • Embedded Irritants can trigger Allergies
  • Another thing that an old mattress can trigger is your allergies to dust and dander. Mattresses are thick piles of fabric that can easily become a home to a host of irritants, especially if it is old or hasn’t been vacuumed in a while.

    Although it can be temporarily solved by replacing your beddings regularly, it can be too much work and the problem persists.

How do we deal with this problem?

Simply speaking, getting a new mattress can easily solve this problem. However, the worry will then lie on what kind of mattress should be chosen as an investment. Given the goal, which is to be able to improve the quality of sleep every night, it is vital that you get a mattress that suits your bedtime needs.

Getting a bouncy mattress is cheaper but is recommended for single beds. On the other hand, firm mattresses are a bit costly but will keep the bed steady, especially when multiple people sleep on it. Mattresses with memory foam helps in relieving body pains by adhering to the contours of your body. It also keeps your posture in an ideal form even when sleeping.

Another thing to always take into account is hygiene and sanitation. You should always make sure that you should clean your mattress by vacuuming it regularly, especially if you have a pet. This way, you can ensure that irritants won’t stay and breed within the fabric.


To close off, it is important that you keep an observant eye on how things work for you and your health, especially if it has long-term negative effects like when it comes to a bad mattress. It is not enough that it can get the job done – it must be done right and should not endanger your health.
So, good luck finding the mattress most suited to you. We wish you a pleasant night’s sleep from now on.

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