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dental implant

The teeth are exposed to risks every day, these risks mostly occur via their daily use of them for carrying out tasks such as eating and drinking which means they become exposed to the sugars and acids that naturally are found in some of the foodstuffs people eat. But, with regular cleaning via brushing the teeth twice a day the risks that could harm or damage the teeth can be minimised, therefore avoiding the worst-case scenarios of a person losing a tooth or some teeth.

The teeth could be exposed to other dangers that may cause someone to suffer tooth loss, accidents are a good example of this and can never be planned for. Road traffic accidents and sports injuries are some of the most common ways for people to experience tooth loss, they happen suddenly, are often painful, and will leave a lasting impact on a person’s mouth that may cause them to make changes to the way they use their mouth, as they may seek to avoid tougher foods, such as steak, or decide not to use their smile because they have lost teeth at the front of the mouth and wish to avoid any embarrassment.

Many who lose a tooth or several teeth may go on to seek a way to replace or regain the lost tooth or teeth, and for those seeking a permanent, fixed-in-place solution dental implants Herefordshire may represent an option they may wish to investigate and consider.

A solution that looks and feels natural

dental implant

If someone loses a tooth or several teeth and they are looking for a way to replace or regain the lost tooth or teeth they may first look at bridges or dentures, which can be utilised in cases of extreme tooth loss. While both devices provide a perfectly acceptable solution to tooth loss for many they are not without their limitations and challenges,  which does make some feel negative about the use of dental devices that are recommended for tooth loss.

With dental implants, patients are being offered the opportunity to receive a treatment that is permanent and fixed-in-place, giving them back the sense of the teeth they have lost. This is a one-time treatment that is hard-wearing and should last them a lifetime when cared for in the correct manner via brushing twice a day.

The treatment

To begin a small titanium screw is inserted into the patient’s jawbone with its tip protruding above the gum line, this helps to create a strong base for the patient’s new replacement tooth to be attached to.  The replacement tooth is made from a ceramic material, which allows it to be extremely hard-wearing.

The new tooth will be shaped and coloured in a manner that will allow it to blend in with any existing teeth surrounding the area of the removed tooth, this allows it to look natural once in position in the patient’s mouth. The patient should be able to use their new tooth or teeth in a natural way shortly after the procedure is completed.

For those looking for a permanent solution to tooth loss dental implants Herefordshire may represent the solution they are seeking.

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