From Patient Room to Courtroom: How Legal Nurse Consultants Help?


Did you know that as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses’ positions are thought to increase at a rate of 7% between 2019 and 2029? Surprisingly, that’s more than the national average of all occupations, i.e., 4%.

So, if anyone is interested in nursing and healthcare legal issues, the role of a certified legal nurse might be perfect for you. But why? Because attorneys are always looking for the right people (trained nurses) to consult on malpractice or healthcare-related legal cases.

But how do they help a legal attorney? Let’s learn more.

Understanding The Role of Legal Nurse Consultants

Legal nurse consultants have a variety of responsibilities. They are quite functional in private consulting, law firms, solo legal practices. Not only that, they have roles and responsibilities in insurance or health care organizations. Experts at Saundra Smyrski LLC suggest that legal nurses have a role in a myriad of options, from consulting, educating, coaching to speaking about experiences. In short, the role can be broad or narrow depending on the type of work.

Some of the primary responsibilities include:

  • Review or proofreading healthcare or nursing malpractice records.
  • Summarizing medical records.
  • Training legal attorneys about all aspects of nursing, healthcare delivery, such as diagnostic test results, different elements of negligence, standards of care, etc.
  • Preparing reports and expert witness documents.
  • Act as a testifying expert.
  • Help legal attorneys to recruit qualified expert witnesses.

Other than the points mentioned above, legal nurse consultants help lawyers in product liability, compensation, or personal injury cases. However, experts advise accepting only those cases where they have a solid clinical foundation. For instance, some legal nurses understand personal injuries better than medical malpractice. That’s the only way to address issues with clarity.

How Are They Beneficial to Attorneys?

They Have Strong Credentials

This is the primary aspect of lawyers or attorneys looking for legal nurse consultants. They have the knowledge and the credentials to help them understand the textbook knowledge. Since they have first-hand experience in similar cases, their value becomes even more crucial.

They Have Expertise

Since they have the experience and the credentials, they are credible enough to answer all the questions in the court of law. Even jurors regard them since they are getting good counsel.

They Have Clarity

Attorneys like people who give them direct answers. Since medical practices can be quite complicated, legal nurse consultants help to navigate the fluff and provide the right direction to prepare the client’s case in the best possible way.


As you can see, legal nurse consultants spend a lot of time talking about cases, such as medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, and more. So, attorneys often rely on their expertise and experience when presenting their case to the court.

Having such experienced professionals by their side allows them to navigate the healthcare nitty-gritty details without any hassles, precisely why legal nurse consultants enjoy such a positive reputation.

If you are also thinking about becoming a legal consultant, the above points will help you understand the roles and benefits of becoming one.

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