Four Things You Should Add to Your Haircare Routine


Having beautiful, healthy and luscious hair definitely takes a little bit of effort, unless you are born perfect (but nobody is). No, it does not mean you have to visit the salon every single day or spend a ridiculously long amount of time on your hair every morning. You just have to give your crowning glory some TLC now and then.

Here are some not-so-secret haircare steps you would want to start doing today to keep your hair looking amazing.

Use a Hair Mask

One of the kindest thing that you can do for your hair is to use a luxury hair mask at least once a week. A hair mask can bring life back to your hair, as it provides ample moisture to prevent your hair from looking and feeling dull.

Not only does a mask bring moisture to hair strands, but it also cleanses the scalp. Make sure to choose an organic hair mask to ensure that you will not be feeding your hair with too many chemicals.

Use Lukewarm Water When Washing Your Hair

Never use hot water when washing your hair, as doing so can damage your locks the same way hair straighteners and other heat styling tools do. Always wash it with lukewarm or cool water to close the cuticles and keep the moisture in.

Hot water can dehydrate your hair and can even cause split ends in the long run. If you have a heater, then make sure to set it to a lukewarm temperature before going in with wetting your hair.

Dilute the Shampoo

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You should never shampoo your hair every day, as this can strip the natural oils in it. Make sure to shampoo every other day or even twice to thrice per week to keep the moisture in your hair.

Another thing that you should know is that you should never use the shampoo straight from the bottle. Most shampoos contain a couple of harsh ingredients, which you definitely would not want to go straight to your hair.

The best way to use shampoo is to dilute it in half a mug of water. Two to three pumps are enough for mid-length hair. Make sure also to rinse your hair properly after shampooing it to prevent gunk build-up on your hair.

Switch to a Microfibre Towel for Drying Your Hair

Microfibre towels are much gentler to your hair than your usual terrycloth towel. Terrycloth towels can cause too much frizz to your hair, making it susceptible to breakage. If you do not have a microfibre towel, then use a cotton shirt to dry your hair instead.

Also, do not rub the towel on your hair when drying it. Simply scrunch it up and down to prevent frizz and breakage. If you want to dry it fully, then wrap it around our head. But make sure that it is not too tight, as the hair is prone to breakage and is very fragile during its wet state.

While you are at it, make sure to avoid using too many colourants and chemicals on your hair. This can damage your hair and scalp for good, which can be very difficult to bring back. Always be kind to your hair and expect it to look amazing at all times.

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