Everything You Need To Know About Porcelain Dental Veneers


Do you know that your smile is the first thing people notice in you? But are you unhappy about your smile, or do you feel unconfident about it? Fortunately, with the introduction of advanced technologies, orthodontists have found a way to rejuvenate your smile.

In the same context, you must have come across the term ‘dental veneers.’ This guide will help you explore the complete basics of veneers and what are the signs you need to consider to get it done. This guide also lists the entire working procedure and whether it would be suitable for you or not.

If you reside in Melbourne, several reliable and trusted dental clinics offer affordable porcelain dental veneers to give beautiful results to their patients. Not only will it boost your self-confidence, but it will enhance your overall periodontal health. Since it is a complex procedure, it is always advised to visit an experienced orthodontic clinic to get it done.

Read below to find out what dental veneers are and when you should consider getting them.

Understanding Dental Veneers And The Procedure

Dental veneers are thin shells customised based on your teeth and used to cover the outer surface of your teeth. Moreover, they are available in different materials, such as porcelain, resin, or composite materials.

However, porcelain dental veneers are preferred since they are stain-resistant than composite ones. In addition, these last for a more extended period, typically 14-15 years. On the other hand, composite ones do not last longer than 4-5 years, even with proper care, and get stained, similar to how your natural teeth do.

The process is generally completed in 2-3 sessions, which is done post consultation with the dentist, wherein he analyses your teeth to ensure that the process is suitable for you. After that, an X-ray test is conducted to take the impressions of your teeth. These impressions are used to shape the material to design a veneer for each tooth. This process generally takes a few weeks, and the orthodontist fixes it on your gums.

Signs You Might Need Veneers

Should you get veneers or not? Read below to explore some of the main signs you should consider opting for cosmetic dentistry.

Discolouration Of Teeth:

Are your teeth discoloured or stained due to any reason? Veneers can be the right choice for you. Your teeth can be discoloured due to various possible causes, such as excessive fluorides, stains due to drug or medicinal intake, health concerns, resin fillings, or root canal treatment. In all such circumstances, veneers can be an effective solution in giving you a beautiful smile.

Tooth Gap:

If you are concerned about your visible tooth gap, consider getting veneers to fix your tooth gap. Also, after getting porcelain dental veneers, you can rest assured for the next 14-15 years.

Chipped Tooth:

Another condition when you might think of getting this treatment done is if you have a chipped or broken tooth or are worn down due to any reason. This procedure will assist in concealing the chipped tooth.

Misaligned Teeth:

You no longer need to worry if you are concerned about your misaligned teeth. Veneers are an effective solution for giving you a perfect smile.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, dental veneers have become an effective solution for everyone concerned about their smile. Whether you have chipped or worn down teeth or have discoloured or misaligned teeth, veneers are a one-stop solution. Though many kinds are available, porcelain dental veneers give an edge over others due to their stain resistance, durability and longevity. If you reside in Melbourne, there are several trusted dental clinics from which you can consider getting the treatment.

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