EU Covid Certificate: What It Is & Why It Matters


European union Covid certificate is a digital certificate that was introduced in July 2021. The purpose of this certificate is to provide authentic and digital proof that an individual has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The certificate also provides relevant information if the certificate holder has recently tested negative for COVID-19, or if someone has recently recovered from a COVID-19 infection.

What is so unique about the EU Covid Certificate?

As the name indicates, the EU COVID certificate is valid and acceptable in all countries that fall into the European Region. The certificate is available in a digital format, which allows it to be updated automatically, depending on the vaccination status of the individual. There is also an option of getting the updated certificate printed and having a hard copy.

Another distinctive feature of this certificate is that it comes with a designated QR code. It is also available completely free of cost to all individuals in the European Union countries. The EU vaccination certificate is available in its national language as well as in the English language.

Who is eligible for getting an EU Vaccination Certificate?

The certificate can be authorized to all legal citizens of the European Union states, even if they are residing in a country different from their country of origin. The family members, including the spouses and dependent children of EU citizens, can also get the EU COVID certificate. Apart from the citizens, all individuals who are legally residing in EU states, such as individuals on a work visa, permanent residence visas, or student visas can also get EU COVID certificates.

Why is the EU Covid Certificate important?

EU COVID certificate was introduced to allow hassle-free travel between European Union states, in the setting of the ongoing pandemic. It provides evidence about the vaccination status of EU citizens and residents. In order to cater to unvaccinated individuals, the EU COVID certificate also provides information about the test results for these individuals.

European Union Covid certificate is extremely beneficial for all individuals residing in the EU because it provides them with exemption from the mandatory quarantine that is otherwise required. EU covid certificate also exempts the certificate holders from the mandatory testing required before and after air travel.


The EU and the 16 countries are currently accepting NAAT tests (including RT-PCR), and rapid antigens tests. If you test negative to either one of them, you should have travel restrictions waived. However, each nation can choose whether they take both types of tests or only PCRs.

Does it matter which vaccination I receive?

Every COVID-19 certificate issued by the EU health authorities has information about which COVID-19 vaccination was administered and when each dose was given. The travel regulations recognize the vaccinations that are administered by the European health authorities.

For those travelling to EU countries from Non-EU countries

EU digital COVID certificate also facilitates these individuals. These individuals can apply for an EU certificate by providing the relevant information such as demographic data, the vaccination proof and dates.

We hope that this article helps in providing you with all the required information about the EU covid certificate and why it is so important in recent times.

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