Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?


When it comes to car accidents, the biggest dilemma people face is whether to contact a lawyer or not.

While some cases don’t need the involvement of an attorney, others can be complicated to handle on your own.

According to Michael Francis of The Francis Firm, if you have suffered injuries in a car accident, you have every right to seek compensation.

This Fort Worth car accident lawyer tells us to hire someone who has the necessary resources and expertise to deal with insurance companies.

Here are some instances where you’ll need the help of a car crash law firm:

1. The lawyer is offering free consultation

When a car accident lawyer offers free consultation, it is best to get advice from them. Discussing your case with a professional will give you a clear idea about the severity of your case and the amount of compensation you deserve.

Many car crash law firms provide free consultation to clients. Even if your injuries are minor, seek the help of an expert. They work for your interest and will give you the best professional advice to proceed with your case.

2. You don’t want to deal with the legal formalities

Another reason to get the help of a car accident attorney is when you don’t want to handle any legal formalities. Accidents can lead to painful injuries and serious mental trauma.

If you are not in the right state to fight your own case, hire a professional lawyer. They will undertake all the legal formalities on your behalf, from collecting important documents to negotiating with the insurance company.

3. You have serious injuries

The more severe your injury, the more money the insurance company might try to offer less. A serious injury doesn’t just mean surgeries or hospital stays.

Things like broken bones, joint injuries needing injections or long-term care, and anything causing intense pain all count as serious injuries. A car accident attorney will fight on your behalf to get the right compensation amount.

4. The treatment is expensive

Worrying about treatment costs after a car accident signals that the insurance offer might be insufficient. A lawyer can assist in getting immediate treatment without upfront payments, using the insurance settlement later. They can also work to increase the overall compensation you receive.

5. You need physical therapy

You also need to seek the help of a lawyer if you require physical therapy for the injuries. Therapy can be expensive and may signal more severe problems that may arise in the future. A lawyer can help you cover the cost of therapy and even get compensation for the same.

6. You are not sure about the severity of the injuries

When you’re stuck in a place where your pain isn’t improving, and you are unsure about the severity of your injuries, hiring a lawyer is a good choice. They’ll guide you to the right specialists and ensure the insurance covers the entire long-term cost of your injury.

7. You have missed work time

Insurance companies tend to underestimate the cost associated with lost wages and often don’t cover it. But a lawyer can assist you in getting fair compensation for all the days of work you’ve missed.

8. The other party is not accepting their fault

When it comes to car accidents, it is common for the other party to shift the blame on you. They will do anything to avoid paying for your injuries. In this scenario, a cat accident attorney can advocate for you and help you prove that the other party is at fault.

9. You are not getting a fair compensation

One of the most common reasons to hire a lawyer is to get fair compensation for your claim. Insurance companies will try offering you a lesser amount to settle the claim. They will use different tactics to make your claim weak. A lawyer can help you get all the necessary documents to make your case strong and help you get the rightful compensation.

10. The insurance company is blaming you

Insurance companies use various tactics to give you less money. Sometimes, they’ll claim you didn’t report the injury promptly or make it worse by delaying treatment. This is their excuse to avoid paying for everything.

That’s when having a car accident attorney becomes important. They know all the tactics used by insurance companies and will help you beat them at their own game.

11. The insurance company is not taking your injuries seriously

Insurance companies aren’t looking out for you; their aim is to pay the least they can. Once they assign a value to your diagnosis, they’re less concerned about whether the treatment is effective. You need someone on your team who’s there to represent your interests and make the insurance take your situation seriously.


These are some common scenarios where you need the help and expertise of a car accident attorney. Being professionals, they deal with car crash cases on a daily basis. They have the legal and practical knowledge to represent your case and deal with the insurance companies. You can discuss your case with a reputed car crash law firm and find the best way to get maximum compensation for all the damages.

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