Dental Emergencies You Can’t Postpone or Ignore

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Many people ignore their dental health for various reasons. You shouldn’t neglect your oral problems and should visit Dental Avant Garde every six months. The visit can assist the dentist in detecting problems that could become severe if left unattended for extended periods.

Experts mention that you should never ignore dental emergencies as their after-effects might not stay limited to your teeth alone and instead spread to other parts of your body. Here are dental emergencies you should not postpone.

Partially Dislodged Tooth

If your tooth gets partially dislodged, you have very little time to save it. You should wash your mouth using cold water and then, schedule an immediate appointment with a dentist.

If you do not have one, you can visit to book an appointment, or look for another dentist online.

A partially dislodged tooth can be saved, provided you visit a dentist immediately. Depending on the tooth condition, the dentist might put back the tooth in its socket using a dental splint.


Toothaches are signs which indicate poor oral health. There can be various reasons behind toothaches which only a dentist can tell. If you have a throbbing toothache, you might have an infection in one or more teeth that needs immediate treatment. So, visit your dentist immediately.

If you keep postponing a visit to a dentist, the infection may spread to other parts of your body, leading to several health complications. The toothaches could be due to a damaged nerve of the tooth, and a visit to the dentist on time can save your tooth.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Many people think a chipped or broken tooth is only a matter of looks, but that is not always the case. In many cases, a chipped tooth exposes nerve tissue which could cause lots of pain after a few hours or days, even if not immediately.

It could also cause infection, so you should find a dentist immediately and make sure you get the proper treatment to avoid further complications and save your tooth.

Lost Crown or Filling

For many people, a lost filling or crown is not a dental emergency. But, this isn’t true. You should immediately visit a dentist when you notice a lost crown or filling. If you ignore lost filling for long, it could lead to further tooth decay, and you may have to get it treated to save your tooth.

If you ignore a loose or lost crown, bacteria may leak into interior parts of the tooth and cause decay. You can avoid these dental issues by visiting your dentist immediately and getting your dental filling or crown put in properly again.


An abscess is a result of a severe tooth infection that is usually caused by tooth decay. It can cause severe pain and swelling of your mouth. In some cases, you might face difficulties chewing your food or consuming food altogether, causing weakness. Since the infection can spread to the jawbone and other parts of your body, you should visit a dentist and get it treated.

Regular visits to a dentist are essential to maintain good oral health. Always remember, your teeth are no less critical than other body parts. So, make sure not to ignore or postpone dental emergencies for any reason. If you need a recommendation, you can consider getting fillings done or dental implants in encino.

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