Cosmetic Surgeries and How They Affect Women’s Health


The cosmetic surgery industry is booming. In the US alone, cosmetic surgeries have been up by almost 12% in the last decade. Despite this increase, many women still don’t know about the risks of cosmetic surgery and how it can affect their health.

With the growing popularity of cosmetic procedures, women now have to make tough decisions about their health and wellness. Recent studies have shown that cosmetic surgeries could potentially cause long-term mental health problems for some women. Therefore, women need to learn about the impacts of cosmetic surgery on their health and wellness.

What Are Cosmetic Surgeries?

Cosmetic surgeries are cosmetic procedures that are performed to enhance a person’s appearance. Cosmetic surgeries can be cosmetic medical or surgical procedures, but there is one crucial thing to note: cosmetic surgery doesn’t just mean cosmetic plastic surgery. It also includes things like cosmetic dental procedures and more general cosmetic dermatology treatments, too. For example, you can cure gingivitis at a Dentist in little falls so that you can smile with confidence.

There are two types of cosmetic surgery treatments. One is the non-invasive cosmetic procedures, while the other is invasive cosmetic procedures.

Non-invasive cosmetic surgeries are the ones where no incisions or scars will be made on your body, and they do not require general anesthesia to complete it. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures do not involve an incision or cut in the skin. Instead, non-invasive cosmetic surgeries use some other way to make desired changes to your body’s appearance. One example of a non-invasive cosmetic procedure is cosmetic dermatology treatments like Botox special treatments and dermal fillers (or injectables).

On the other hand, invasive cosmetic surgery treatments involve making an incision to alter someone’s appearance. This type of cosmetic surgery is done under general anesthesia, so it requires a longer recovery time than cosmetic dermatology treatments. Cosmetic breast surgery is one example of cosmetic surgery that requires an incision to change someone’s appearance. It is considered an invasive cosmetic surgery because the skin has to be cut open for this type of cosmetic procedure.

What Health Issues Do They Cause?

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Nowadays, more women are paying for cosmetic surgeries because of how they make them feel about themselves. However, there are some health issues that women should be aware of before getting cosmetic surgery. Below are examples of the health issues that cosmetic surgery procedures pose on women:

Compromising the immune system

Cosmetic surgery procedures can affect a woman’s immune system, leaving her susceptible to infections and diseases. Complications during cosmetic surgery procedures such as heart attack or stroke can also occur because of blood clots that may result from the immobility women experience after cosmetic surgeries.

Post-surgery issues such as urinary tract infection (UTI), pain in the legs, and swelling of the legs and feet are also common. When a woman’s immune system is compromised, even simple infections may cause serious complications.

Infection, bruising, swelling

Infection, bruising, and swelling can occur depending on the area of cosmetic procedure that takes place and the woman’s current state of health. Hospital-acquired infections can occur during cosmetic procedures due to unsanitary surgical tools or devices used in cosmetic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction may increase the risk of infection because they involve cutting into the skin to remove fat tissues.

Infections from cosmetic surgery could also occur from unsanitary surfaces that come into contact with the woman’s skin during cosmetic procedures. These can be countertops and furniture used in a doctor’s office or operating room where cosmetic surgeries take place. In some cases, cosmetic surgery may require an incision through which bacteria can enter the body while the cosmetic surgery is taking place.

After cosmetic surgery procedures have taken place, there is a possibility that women could suffer from bruising and swelling. Bruising and swelling commonly occur during cosmetic surgery, but they can also be a sign of other problems. Bruising and swelling may occur around the eyes due to cosmetic eyelid procedures or swelling in her chest area because a woman has undergone cosmetic breast augmentation surgeries.

In addition to bruising and swelling, women who undergo cosmetic procedures are at risk for a very serious infection called necrotizing fasciitis. This disease is a bacterial skin condition that can be caused by cosmetic procedures being performed on the body and can lead to death if it’s not treated as soon as possible.

Prioritizing Good Health Outcomes

Women who have cosmetic surgery should do their best to take care of themselves during and after cosmetic surgeries so that they can avoid health complications. Even though there are risks to cosmetic surgery procedures, these procedures can benefit women significantly. They need to make sure that they find a reliable cosmetic surgeon to perform cosmetic surgery procedures on them.

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