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Tank tops, sleeveless dresses and other short-sleeved summery clothes might be something people avoid with some regret; fat on the arms can be a cause of much distress for individuals with a bit of excess flab around the triceps, known colloquially as ‘bat wings’. This excess arm fat can be tricky to get rid of, as spot reduction exercise results are less than ideal, due to the fact that the body burns fat all over and not only on a specifically targeted body part. However, any CoolSculpting near me in London and the UK could be a solution that helps combat this hard to define area.

Causes of arm fat

The internet is inundated with sources of information regarding ideas on how to get rid of arm fat, all promising perfect diets and demonstrating isolation exercises as a so-called cure. There are no doubt a lot of searches regarding the matter of fat that is stored in the upper arms and while a good diet and healthy exercise are always encouraged, what do people actually know about what kind of fat is it? Why does it get stored there? And what can be done about it?

The body has four different kinds of fat, two of which do not affect the fat in the upper arm, they are; cellulite and visceral fat. The other two kinds of fat are fluffy fat and fibrous fat.

Fluffy fat

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This is the fat that is below the skin and above the muscle, called subcutaneous fat. It is soft and sort of jiggly and appears much more in women due to their hormones than men, occurring on the belly, thighs, hips, and/or on the backs of the arms.

It is difficult for women to shed this fluffy fat as their bodies hang onto it just in case of a pregnancy occurring, causing it to need to use the lightweight but voluminous fat for energy.

Fluffy fat can be blamed for the fat pockets on the back of the arms that cause a lack of definition, despite the fact that someone may be working out hard.

Fibrous fat

Is harder than fluffy fat but is still considered a subcutaneous fat, sometimes fluffy fat may become fibrous when the area is restricted or squeezed like in the case of ill-fitting clothing. Fibres form around the fat cells holding it in place and make it more difficult to lose the fat.

Sculpting the arm

Procedures of CoolSculpting near me in London and the UK offer a solution to target fluffy fat and fibrous fat on the backs of the arms. The treatment involves a device that uses two cooling plates on the area that needs fat loss.These plates safely freeze the fat, allowing it to no longer be functional, thus making the body process it through the liver and out of the body, leaving patients with slimmer, more defined arms in just a few weeks after the non-invasive treatment is performed. Great results in a relatively short space of time, why not give CoolSculpting a go?

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